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Comment Firefox sucks (Score 0) 807

Firefox turned into a slow, unstable piece of shit when they copied chromes tabs in the title bar thing. And then shortly after they started an extremely short development cycle that the only purpose of is to break your add ons every couple weeks. Use chrome, opera our even internet explorer. Fuck firefox!

Comment Piracy can help smaller bands (Score 0) 463

As a broke ass grad sudent my appetite for metal is significantly greater than my budget. I realize that it is very important to support smaller metal bands because most of them have to work an actual job in order to not starve. Whenever a band I like tours I always try to go see them. Which is rare because most of my favorite bands are european and don't tour canada often. Whenever I can afford it I spend a bunch of money on cds from smaller bands. I won't buy a cd from a big band (unless its blind guardian) because they don't need my money. I am pretty sure smaller bands survive through piracy (either standard bit torrent downloads or youtube posts). Its like the mix tape trading in the eighties (only better). I would not have found many of my favorite bands if not for piracy. Now that the conservative party is going full retard on its quest to make Canada like America. It its only a mater of time before they pass some retarded copyright legislation. Maybe I should relearn some french and move to Switzerland.

A Hyper-Velocity Impact In the Asteroid Belt? 114

astroengine writes "Astronomers have spotted something rather odd in the asteroid belt. It looks like a comet, but it's got a circular orbit, similar to an asteroid. Whether it's an asteroid or a comet, it has a long, comet-like tail, suggesting something is being vented into space. Some experts think it could be a very rare comet/asteroid hybrid being heated by the sun, but there's an even more exciting possibility: It could be the first ever observation of two asteroids colliding in the asteroid belt."

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