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Comment Re:Love the spin (Score 4, Insightful) 326

"'Bush's tax cuts to the rich' (I got a tax cut. I had no idea that 50k/yr made you rich!)"

I think you're being disingenuous. The point being made is that although the Bush tax cuts affected every bracket, the brackets they favored most were the highest ones.

"Then the economy tanked. What changed? Here's another hint, it rhymes with congress."

I'm sorry, but if you think that the Democrats in Congress did anything to affect the economy this badly in the space of only one year in office, I don't think you paid the slightest bit of attention to the legislation passed in 2007. You could cite legislation they passed in 2008 for making it WORSE, or reform they blocked while in the minority before 2007, but there's nothing to even correlate with the downfall of the economy for that year except for raising the minimum wage.

Secondly, in the year 2001, Republicans had a majority until June 6 when Jim Jeffords switched in June, and a 10 to 12 member majority in the House of Representatives. Using your own logic, then, the same party as the President must have been responsible.

In truth, what you describe is the official description of the president's role, but if you took a political science class, you would know the president has considerable influence over Congress. The President has used Rahm Emanuel and Joe Biden effectively to mediate disputes between members of Congress and make sure that the interests of members in favor of a bill are aligned, such that less disputes arise between one faction fighting for something in a bill another faction wants out.


New Unmanned Japanese Re-Supply Vessel For the ISS 93

Joshua writes "JAXA, Japan's version of NASA, has scheduled the launch of its new rocket, the H-IIB, for September 11th, 2009. The rocket will be carrying up the first in a series of unmanned supply vessels for the ISS called the HTV. The new Japanese addition to the international space fleet comes as a huge welcome sign to NASA, who has scheduled the space shuttle to retire in 2010. The HTV will be able to transport vital supplies, equipment, and experiments to the ISS, a job that the US space shuttle has been doing largely up until now. Yearly launches for the H-II2 and HTV are scheduled between now and 2015. Until NASA can finish the next generation Ares I rocket, which isn't likely to be finished before 2017, taking astronauts into space and to the ISS will likely become the job of Russia."

Comment Re:Spread the FUD (Score 1) 374

Swine flu is the Apophis of pandemics. Now, Apophis has a 1 in 45,000 chance of hitting Earth in a few decades. Swine flu is probably several times more deadlier than a normal flu. Surely fascinating to someone that deals with the low probabilities all the time, but the end result is that it's nevertheless still low, and maybe some people are exaggerating for the sake of their profession.

Comment Very helpful for Endangered Species Act (Score 2, Interesting) 94

I've often been annoyed by the excessive focus on the iconic and popular species in many endangered species awareness campaigns. It is easy to say "we are spending a million dollars on protecting a worm?" in Congress, but when more renowned species like a hammerhead shark variety are endangered, they will naturally get more attention. Now scientists can defend their case for funding by pointing to this algorithm.

Comment Re:Clearly... (Score 1) 232

      { if (funny animal feature like platupus);
llBloviate "godhasasenseofhumor"
llBloviate "godmadeitsobeautifully"
llBloviate "itmustbethedevilswork"}

Can you still get modded up if you write your post as if it were a programming language even if you have no clue what what programming language you just made up?

Comment Re:HIV/AIDS (Score 2, Informative) 257

AIDS is like a zombie virus, but for white blood cells, DoofusOfDeath. Unlike most viruses, it doesn't spread when the white blood cell explodes. The zombie white blood cell piles onto the healthy one and turns it into another of the infected. For more information, please direct the creators of Osmosis Jones to create an R-rated sequel.

Comment Re:How long has this been going on? (Score 1) 791

Scientists found that the mitigating effect of volcanoes during one El Niño was stronger than the heating effect of the El Niño itself during the 1982 and 1991. For the record breaking years, it's long been known that these can be attributed to El Niño, not the global warming trend, and thus saying that temperatures have gone down since the year of the last El Niño effect is an often brought up and refuted statement. Yes, a lack of a volcanic eruptions could be considered a cause for global warming in the same sense that your freezer is so cold because I haven't yet dumped liquid iron inside it.

As for any effect on volcanoes by solar cycles, I really would like to see a theorized connection that makes sense, if any, because all these other correlations have theories that help explain them that can be compounded upon and elaborated with other data. Because I have seen no evidence that anything the Sun could do to rock is is any more relevant to Earth climate than a comet striking Jupiter.

According to one scientist, though, solar cycles have the half the effect on Earth's oceans as El Niño and La Niña effects, yet still there exists a long-term warming trend under that idea as well.

Comment Liberal doublethink on SWIFT (Score 1) 206

Why is it that when Stuart Levey, head of the division of the Treasury Department dealing with cutting off funds to terrorist organizations, freezing assets, stopping forgery and counterfeiting, etc., was re-appointed by Obama, SWIFT suddenly became a good thing, whereas before in 2006 I saw it vilified as much as the warrantless wiretapping?

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