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Comment Re:I like alternative energy (Score 1) 333

According to wikipedia " indium is leached from slag and dust of zinc production". So you're claiming that zinc comes only from China and Africa? "the United States produced an all-time high of 820,000 metric tons of zinc in 2014, making it the world's fourth-largest zinc producer"

Comment Re:The 3d printed elephant in the room (Score 1) 52

All polymers from photosynthetic resins to date deteriorate quite rapidly when exposed to a few hours of direct sunlight, making it applicable only to indoor and internal component use.

Seems like all you would have to do is paint the part to solve that problem. Or just dip it in something that blocks UV.

Comment Re:Things that didn't contribute to reduction in C (Score 2) 283

You're right it couldn't possibly be Chinese nuclear plants because they only generate about 2% of the country's electricity. As for building lots of nuke plants elsewhere, all you have to do is figure out how to finance them, who pays for the liability insurance (it better not be taxpayers), how to safely dispose of the existing waste, who is going to agree to live near them, and how to make them come online in less than 10 years.

Comment Re:Still using the power grid? (Score 1) 374

Grid use charges currently are based upon your consumption of electricity coming in through the grid. If you use more, the grid charges are figured in automatically. If you use less, you pay less for the grid. This seems very fair. Now, if I reduce my grid electricity consumption for whatever reason, the utility company gets less money for both grid and electricity. I may have improved my insulation. I may have shut off appliances or they are now more efficient. Or I may be generating my own electricity via solar PV. Its none of their business, and I shouldn't have to pay them money just because I use less of their product. You may be able to make the case that they shouldn't have to buy my excess power. No problem, I'll just size my PV array such that it meets my typical needs and not have any significant excess.

Comment Re:Thin margins (Score 5, Interesting) 217

Sorry but the proposed pipeline would not reduce gasoline prices in any way, it would carry tar sand sludge to Texas refineries on the Gulf coast which will then produce fuels that go on the open international market. Yes I said sludge, it isn't even oil, it is a bitumen hydrocarbon 'product' called dilbit. A bizarre highly corrosive and sticky pipeline fluid that sinks in water. Want that pipeline pumping the stuff through your state at 1400 PSI?

Comment Re:We will get solar when there's a profit. (Score 1) 589

.I read recently that each panel made results in 4x it's weight in toxic waste and greenhouse gasses produced as a side effect

You might want to produce an actual cite. Obviously there won't be any greenhouse gases resulting from manufacturing the panels if they do it with solar power. Panel manufacturing in the US is highly regulated so I can't see how all this toxic waste comes about. Unless you mean in China, but apparently everything is made in the dirtiest cheapest way there.

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