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Comment Re:Of course they have. Carry on for 50+ generatio (Score 1) 66

what would be the point of doing a copy of a copy etc?, the point is always having the original and using its dna, you can always make more stem cells of the original and keep that batch alive, if you fail to do that then it seems you will not have any business in cloning?

Comment Re:Too damned late. (Score 1) 156

having a click to activate will make it easier for malware, as people will just click and dont think, most dont want to be bothered and this will bother people to just click and not think

it will be even better\easier for sites with malware to be spread as they know can have: click here to activate flash and then it starts a download\exe\whatever to hijack the browser\computer

Comment Re:There had to be a first case... (Score 1) 379

Whatever the car is assumed to see something this trivial(seems idiots here assume detection is trivial) it is more idiotic that the driver was stupid enough to not see it himself.
Too bad that he died but good that this moron didnt take anyone else with him, a moron who put his faith in a opt-in beta function and following the instructions.

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