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Submission + - SPAM: Bosch And University Of Amsterdam Launch Joint AI Lab

An anonymous reader writes: German engineering giant Bosch has partnered with researchers at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) to develop deep learning technologies for application in intelligent cameras, self-driving cars, homecare and beyond. The joint initiative will see teams from the university’s Delta Lab (Deep Learning Technologies Amsterdam) and the Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence design models and algorithms specifically for the processing of huge amounts of data collected from sensors and vehicles. Based at the Amsterdam Science Park, the collaborative project aims to promote stronger knowledge sharing between the academic and business worlds to help accelerate innovation around AI and deep learning analytics.

Submission + - Amazon opens new data centers in Sweden ( 1

Kkloe writes: Amazon Web Services said it will open data centres in Sweden next year to serve customers in Nordic countries such as Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway.

The new Stockholm region includes three “Availability Zones,” which are independent groupings of data centers within a larger area with redundant power and connectivity. AWS now has 42 Availability Zones across 16 infrastructure regions worldwide, with plans to add five more zones in France and China this year.

Amazon also buys the .se domain after years of trying to acquire it from the owner in Sweden.

Editors note: A already owned domain can have the ownership disputed in Sweden by a organization, company or person if the domain has no content or is not used as the name suggests(were the later requires a very good argument on the complaining side) or if the domain name might contain a trademarked(swedish site) word.

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