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Comment Re:Hypocrisy is innate to humans (Score 1) 140

google probably dont care of right or wrong of porn, problem is more that the porn-watchers takes up bandwidth and then google would need to put down more $$ to get a better internet connection

+ as there is no google-owned or google-porn ads they dont make any money out of the porn watchers

Comment Re:Great firefighters (Score 1) 243

no it speaks only that they were prepared for a car crash, I doubt that in any country any firefighter will pack with them things for chemical or electrical fires unless they know about it beforehand, atleast full body suits, they might be able to handle small incidents but this was not considered a small incident

Comment Re:Differentiate (Score 1) 168

this, why is it so hard for people to understand that they want to make their brand unique in some way, they are hardware vendors, not software so they have to make their phones so unique compared to the others

how much does sony, huawei get from play market?, probably nothing, 0, should they care about 2 year old phones?, why should they?

Comment Re:Of course they have. Carry on for 50+ generatio (Score 1) 66

what would be the point of doing a copy of a copy etc?, the point is always having the original and using its dna, you can always make more stem cells of the original and keep that batch alive, if you fail to do that then it seems you will not have any business in cloning?

Comment Re:Too damned late. (Score 1) 156

having a click to activate will make it easier for malware, as people will just click and dont think, most dont want to be bothered and this will bother people to just click and not think

it will be even better\easier for sites with malware to be spread as they know can have: click here to activate flash and then it starts a download\exe\whatever to hijack the browser\computer

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