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Comment Exponential Growth (Score 1) 1105

Bacteria cultures propagate until they exhaust all their resources. The the populations collapses. Humans are smarter that this... but they are also arrogant. IMO, the 2 will cancel each other out, and we'll end up at the same destination. North America, AUS & NZ will be fine, as we have an abundance of food & water resources.

Comment This is not the problem (Score 1) 548

The problem is the corporate influencing the political class. This lead to the bail-outs. Investment banking and commercial banking should be separated. Investment banking should not hold commercial banking as ransom. Furthermore, there needs to be an adequate capital base. Leveraging a firm 30:1 (3% capital) or more is ridiculous. The max should be 10:1 (10%). The larger and more systemic the bank, then the lower the ratio...NOT higher. Finally, there was -and still is- no good reason to save failed institutions. Capitalism is about creative destruction. Shareholder get wiped out, bond holders get the assets, and management gets the boot.

Comment He must have failed both Modern Physics (Score 1) 243

The guy just plugged some number in to an equation, and got an answer. The trick in Modern Physics is to know which law/equation applies in each problem. The mass of an electron is 9.11x10^-31 kg. It does not get heavier. If an electron is traveling near the speed of light, it's "effective mass", m*, increases. Effective mass is lumping gamma (c/sqrt(c^2-v^2)) in with the rest mass m (m* == gamma*rest_mass). Furthermore, both the "1" state and "0" state must be stable for storage, so the higher energy electron would have more potential energy than the lower state. It does not have more mass.

Comment Re:"Speed" (Score 1) 315

You are missing a key piece of the theory. Nothing can travel faster than c, and the speed of light is independent from the reference frame. He an example. One person is on a train that is traveling at 0.1c. Another person is standing somewhere ahead of train (next to the tracks). The person on the train signals the stationary observer with a flashlight. At what speed does the light travel? The speed of the light from the train travel at c, not at 1.1c. For more nfo read, Reference frames, coordinates and the Lorentz transformation @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special_relativity

Comment Re:Always too hot, never too cold. (Score 1) 81

Unfortunately, this would take too long and thus cost too much. Space is at a premium. You can't put a massive 1mm size hole in a wafer with 22nm features. We are talking about a 450mm (18-inch) diameter wafer that is about 900um thick. KOH etches Si at 1um/min. So it's take 450 minutes (7.5 hours) to etch through a wafer. Even if you limited each die to 1 hole, the wafer would be too fragile to survive the etch.

Comment One OS to rule the all (Score 1) 375

So they are creating a GUI that will work on any device. Or rather each device running Win8 will look like the other Win8 devices. Unfortunately, I think they will be one step behind Apple. When you run a ppt/keynote file on an external display but off your Macbook, the main display is your slides, and the secondary display can be notes (notes you've written into your ppt/keynote file). To me this is where it's at! Using multiple displays for different functions, and having both screens in the full screen mode. My main issue with Windows is the full screen settings. Play a game, it maxes out on the primary display (D1), switch displays and the you loose the the full screen option on D1. You want to play full screen on D2, too bad, switch your displays around. You want to show a full screen pic on D2 while pausing your full screen game on D1, too bad you can't do that. Currently I only have 2 screens (22" & 40"), but in the near future I plat to add a third (27"). At some point I will add a fourth (55+"). Additionally, I would really like to plug my phone/netbook into my desktop and have the phone be able to access the power of the desktop. Personally, this is where MSFT should go.

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