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Comment GTX 950 is the (only) important part here (Score 1) 101

I always had very high sensitivity to fans noise and dreamed of absolutely slient pc. I've finaly made it using streacom case. It's running great. Newer intel cpus also have good integrated GPU, so everything except gaming is simply exceptional (and I have a separate pc for gaming). But adding powerful GPU to the system was a pipe dream. If they have managed that in such a small case, that's beyond cool.

Comment Java 8 ? Already ? Seriously ? (Score 1) 233

In the next few years we will probably run a little experiment of moving from sun java 6 to oracle java 7. Perhaps the attempt will fail at first and we will postpone the upgrade for another year or so, and then try again. But Java 8 ? Let me call you back in 5 years... or maybe 7.

Comment Would be nice if... (Score 1) 1009

Actually, this whole "integrated cpu" would be a very good deal had they went another step - integrate good heat dissipation solution. I.e. connect several heatpipes to the die of cpu, then a few more to other components, put nice thick metal bar on the side of the board and terminate all those headpipes on that bar. This way we could easily connect the whole thing to something big and metal and avoid having all those heavy cpu heatsinks. And broken cpu sockets, too.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 799

I've been assigned a task to find all occurrences of borrowed code in the project on my previous job and handle all related issues. First I tried to remove the code in each case (is is very often not really needed anymore). Second thing to is to try to find the license. If that does not help, try to find another source for the same code with a liberal license (which often happens to be the original source with multiple derived copies on the web). Next step is to clarify issue with the author if there is no license but you have reason to believe that the original intention of the author was to share code freely. If that does not help, return to step three and go backwards down to step one.

Is is pretty boring most of the time, but there was a case where I had to talk one of the very well known MSDN Magazine column authors into changing/clarifying the text of his license by contacting him. He had ambiguous license but obvious intention to share code freely, so the only problem was to get the attention.

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