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Comment Re:4chan (Score 1) 169

I actually am a prereader at EqD (kits).
I don't consider anything that posts as much fanfiction as we do an introduction to the fandom. I mean, fanfics turn a lot of people off of a lot of things. Plus we have way too many inside references and memes of our own to be a good intro. There is very little in the way of discourse since it's a blog.
Maybe the EqD irc channels. I'd hang out in there more but I'm too busy with the rest of my pony life.

Comment Re:4chan (Score 2) 169

/co/? Even-handed? RainbowDashLaughing.avi Nope. /co/ is a cesspit. It's far worse than /b/ ever was. Youtube 'pony thread simulator'. That's /co/. I'm not sure WHERE to go for a lightweight introduction, but 4chan ain't it. I'd say either or maybe #flankbook-np or #flankbook-pr. All three places love newfoals. is a 'cleaner' mlp channel, but sometimes, the mods are still asleep.

Comment Re:Can Java garbage-collect other resources? (Score 1) 587

If a java class locks some resource (FileInputStream locks the actual file referred to by a object) then it will contain a close() or disconnect() etc function that releases the lock. FileInputStream will call close() during finalization if the programmer hasn't yet. The idiom is: FileInputStream fis = null;
try {
fis = new FileInputStream(myFile);
} catch(IOException e) {
} finally {
if(fis!=null) fis.close();

Comment Re:The point... (Score 1) 82

I proposed that a company would obtain the GPL source code for MySQL, compile it, and then SELL the resulting binaries. That clearly is illegal, both a violation of the GPL and MySQL's trademarks.
No it's not. As long as the package they sell also contains the source and all files needed to build the application, they are still adhering to the GPL.

GPL doesn't preclude selling binaries. It just mandates that the user be able to easily obtain the source from the distributer.

The Courts

Apple Settles With Burst For $10 Million

Techdirt is reporting that Apple has settled their video streaming patent problems with for the low low price of $10 million (USD). This comes in addition to the $60 million they wrestled away from Microsoft. "Burst's secret sauce is that there is no secret sauce. Burst's patent describes 'faster than real time' streaming. There's simply nothing novel or innovative about this; it's perfectly obvious that if you've got a fat enough pipe, you can download video faster than you play it, buffering the difference. Buffering isn't a new 'technology,' it's a common-sense programming technique that has been used for decades. In a sensible patent system, Burst would have been laughed out of the patent office for claiming they invented such an obvious concept. But in the upside-down world of the USPTO, filing patents on incredibly obvious concepts can net you tens of millions of dollars."

Submission + - Wolves in IT Admin's Clothing (

Kitsuneymg writes: Dark Reading takes a look at how companies seek to protect themselves (and their data) from their own IT staff. From the article, it seems they have a long way to go.

But Diodati notes that there is a whole range of administrative passwords built into many scripts and applications that still need to be addressed by access control technologies and practices. "At some point, there's going to be a need to rip embedded passwords out of programs and restrict them," he says. "That will probably come later, after the basic administrative checkout issues are addressed."

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