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Comment Re:Heisenburg (Score 1) 218

Heisenburg theorized that nothing can be measured with perfect accuracy, therefore any two measurements will have different results.. however, the overall accuracy will be dependant upon the instrument (and as a result of the theory, even an infinitely accurate instrument will have slight inaccuracies) Shchroedinger created the cat parable to illustrate superposition, the idea that something exists in all possible states until its state is observed (ie. the cat was both dead and alive).

Although neither of those two things really have much to do with a webpage, I would assume that a "Heisenburg page" would be one where, upon successive views, could have some variation, although at an extremely small level, and given that humans are imperfect, the variation would probably not be enough for us to detect..

A "Schroedinger page" would be a page that would contain all possible information, until you viewed it and determined it's state.

My vote is that the correct page would the Chaos Theory page.

And that is how to suck all of the fun out of a simple joke.

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