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Comment Re:I don't get why they are bothering to do this (Score 1) 65

Consoles being cheaper than PC is a myth. Consoles prices are subsidised. You pay £10-20 more for each console game and for that reason over the life time of the system you end up spending more than you would on a PC for inferior hardware and performance.

I'll stick with 60fps and max settings for the same price as 30fps and mid settings you would get on a console.

Comment Re:I don't get why they are bothering to do this (Score 1) 65

Platform specific optimization isn't the magic fix you seem to think it is. Console hardware is always underpowered, most games perform badly hitting 30fps at best. It doesn't matter what optimization are done the creaking hardware is simply years behind the times.

People complain about consoles being underpowered because guess what... they are underpowered.

Comment Re:strong til ... (Score 1) 175

Vulkan/DX12 etc take a long time to become ubiquitous and were not at that point yet, most games are still on dx9-11 which is largely due to console architecture as developers usually don't go with the latest api just for porting over to PC.

Single core performance is still the most valuable for gaming right now, but it will change. How quickly it will change is the important factor here.

When building a new PC its certainly worth thinking about, but I generally find building for now is better than building for some potential need as its nearly impossible to predict exactly how the gaming PC landscape will change and when.

Comment Re:Bull shit (Score 1) 172

If they limit you after 22GB then by any definition of the word it isn't unlimited.

In the UK we sorted this out years ago. ISP's used to call there limited plans unlimited but customers rightly complained and because we have real competition in the market as soon as one ISP created an actually unlimited plan all other ISP's where forced to follow suit or be left behind.

The US has been left behind when it comes to internet connectivity compared to virtually every other first world nation, how did you let this happen?

Comment Re:nicotine is evil ! (Score 1) 205

Go talk to some drinkers. Very few consider alcohol to be "fun". 90% of drinkers started before they were 18. The alcohol industry depends on getting children addicted before they have the maturity to make a rational decision. They deserve to be denounced, and we have a fascist imperative to do so.

See how dumb your statement is now? Most people smoke because they enjoy it, they stop because its bad for them. We don't need fascist ass holes like you telling us what to do its one of your fucking business.

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