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Comment Re:the third parties are running idiots too..... (Score 1) 1171

Alonzo Fyfe made a great point about political positioning that I think also applies to the two party system. If you want to actually get anything done, you have to conjure up enough political backing to make it happen; it doesn't matter how right you are if nobody listens to you. You have to take the best set of positions that will still get you 51% of the vote. As a voter, you have to choose the compromise position that's more acceptable to you; voting third party leaves more power with whichever side you agree with slightly less.

Fyfe's really insightful point, I thought, was that it's incumbent upon us as citizens to create a political reality in which politicians can take the positions we all know are correct/moral/logical/win karma on /. This isn't something you do at the ballot box; it takes real work to make a substantial number of people think. The Ron Paul movement does a great job of that, but notice that he's still a registered republican.

Submission + - UK: Blair Dismisses Online Anti ID-Card Petition

Anonymous Coward writes: "Elected Dictator / Prime Minister Tony Blair has responded personally via e-mail to 28,000 online petitioners opposing the UK's planned identity card scheme, and has closed the online petition. The e-mail reads: "We live in a world in which people, money and information are more mobile than ever before. Terrorists and international criminal gangs increasingly exploit this to move undetected across borders and to disappear within countries. Terrorists routinely use multiple identities — up to 50 at a time." ..."ID cards which contain biometric recognition details and which are linked to a National Identity Register will make this much more difficult.""

XM And SIRIUS Radio Merging 301

lenny6998 writes to tell us Yahoo! News is reporting that XM and Sirius Radio, the only two major players in the relatively new market of subscription satellite radio have announced a merger. "The two companies said in a statement that Mel Karmazin, the CEO of Sirius, would become chief executive of the new company while Gary Parsons, the chairman of XM, would remain in that role."

Submission + - 3 Different Ways To Run Windows Applications on yo

luna6 writes: "http://lunapark6.com/?p=3079 Article compares three different ways to run Windows Applcations on Intel Macs: Codeweaver's Crossover for Mac, Parallels for Mac and Apple Boot Camp. In the article the advantages and disadvantages are discussed for each method and a final conclusion is given for which method is best suited for a particular user's needs. Plenty of screenshots are provided to give a reader a better idea of what each program does."

New Blender Released 170

An anonymous reader writes "Blender, the cross-platform, open source 3d suite, has released version 2.43 along with a website redesign. This version brings powerful new features within reach of every person. These features include sculpt modeling, retopologizing tools, render passes, render baking, support for multi-uvs, enhanced fluid simulator with particles, new rigid body engine, numerous new compositing modes including defocus (DOF) node and much more. Feature videos are also available."

Submission + - Anti-DRM Petition Response From Downing Street

An anonymous reader writes: Downing Street have released a statement in response to a petition on their website.
It states that all products with DRM should be labelled on how the product can be used or not used.

It is clear though that the needs and rights of consumers must also be carefully safeguarded. It is reasonable for consumers to be informed what is actually being offered for sale, for example, and how and where the purchaser will be able to use the product, and any restrictions applied.

It also references the Gowers Report [PDF warning] published December 2006 and the recommendations proposed in the report.

Recommendations include introducing a limited private copying exception by 2008 for format shifting for works published after the date that the law comes into effect. There should be no accompanying levies for consumers. Also making it easier for users to file notice of complaints procedures relating to Digital Rights Management tools by providing an accessible web interface on the Patent Office website by 2008 and that DTI should investigate the possibility of providing consumer guidance on DRM systems through a labelling convention without imposing unnecessary regulatory burdens

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