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Comment Re:Yes (Score 4, Insightful) 335

I think you're pretty much right in regards of the analysis what is happening, but you've subscribed to some propaganda on who is doing what. Because the forces at play in the US are first and foremost authoritarian and to the right (the latter of which doesn't really matter in the scheme of things).

I think this here shows this neatly:

"left" and "right" are solely economic points of view. You could also call them "socialist" and "capitalist". There's nothing in there about "liberty".

If you think there is some great conflict between "authoritarian" and "libertarian" at play there (or even "the Left" or "the Right" are on the side of "liberty"), you've just become the playball of propaganda. Because the only side here that's even playing is authoritarian, and it has won, it sets the policies, and orchestrates the propaganda. Of course it's nice to be able to constantly blame "the other side" for the shit you're doing. Which is what happens. Even if the other side happens to be firmly in your own camp.

Yes, there are people in the US fighting for liberty, but they're not "the Left" or "the Right", they're the ones that don't run your country. At all.

Comment Re:That list... (Score 1) 81

What I don't understand: There's a load of organizations and companies that have their addresses listed, with things like "Baghdad, Iraq". I mean, the "Baghdad Stock Exchange" (yes, that's the ISX) is on there, and they've even got an American advisor. So how does this end up on that list? Because if it really does something illegal, it can be persecuted immediately.

Comment Re:We build mountains. They build flag poles. (Score 1) 486

I think you're on to something there. But I'm not entirely convinced, because I think there is actually that network of flatterers and sycophants in place here as well, with the most obvious consequence that the people on top don't actually have any idea on what happens at the base of the mountain. Yes, if the top get removed one of those sycophants becomes the new top, but he's still completely removed from the reality below.

Comment groove "back" for email? (Score 2) 184

They never understood email. And the article is mostly about streamlining the UI (Which was enormously cluttered; which idiot had the idea you need to have html mark-up in emails anyway? No wonder...)

Subsequent innovations, like the recent change to use MAPI over HTTP as the default connectivity protocol
Yes, that explains everything. They still don't understand email.

Comment Re:more guns needed (Score 1) 1134

You actually might be right there. BUT what helps against mass shooting incidents will have some consequences otherwise, namely more dead by accident, people shooting their whole family and then themselves, more handguns going into the hands of criminals and so on.

And importantly: Most of the people shot in the USA are shot with handguns, not long guns. (And incidentally, international data supports that. In other countries with a huge proliferation of guns usually it means "long guns", and they consistently have factor 10 less people killed with firearms, per capita. They do have mass shootings, done with long guns, though).

Comment Bogus (Score 1) 354

I was that 15 year old in front of DOS and Windows 3.1. And when Windows 95 came, I decided it was exactly the same shit all over again and switched to Linux.

Comment Re: Treason - Peace on (Score 1) 111

The fun thing about this, is that the German Verfassungsschutz might well be the one that really is commiting treason, by ignoring the Verfassung (the Constitution) it is sworn to protect, and by spying illegally on German citizens. However, given the definition of treason in the German Verfassung, which might require foreign involvement, maybe not.

But then, the German Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND, same as the CIA in the USA), DID spy on German people and DID deliver the information to the NSA. Which quite clearly is treason. And the Verfassungsschutz doesn't want to investigate, which could be constructed as collusion to treason.

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