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Comment Free power for all europe (Score 1) 216

Quick some one find Sir Winston Churchill and wrap him in copper wiring... the rate he must be spinning will give us power for the rest of eternity! between this and the earlier story..... Land of the free my rear. (comment changed to avoid harming the kiddies) What our fathers bled to stop is here and now in our own fair island The people are sheep! Long live the vision of Orwell, a prophet before his time.

Comment The bean Counters! (Score 1) 216

All hail the mighty bean counters, whose budget shalt coffer upon us lowly worms the advantages of cold air Bring offerings of coffee and young nubile .... pastries to ensure the sweltering heat shalt not the server touch. and remember the prime command never allow the holy bean counter to see you not working for it shalt invite a terror upon the air con... no work is no profit, and no profit means cost cutting, and cost cutting means no more air-con, for at 35 degrees outside it costs a mint to cool this place down. no you may not steal my portable air-con, accounting departments needs are many, and we work ALL the time.
The Military

Submission + - Predator drones compromised (

Kinky_B writes: The team, led by professor Todd Humphreys, was offered $1,000 if they could successfully hack into a drone flying overhead and hijack it to fly off its course. With less than $1,000 worth of parts, Humphreys and his team from the UT Radionavigation Laboratory were able to “spoof” the GPS on the Drone and take it off its course, sending it hurtling towards the ground, pulling up just before collision, thus shining a glaring light on a potential security flaw in the drone’s technology. If a gaggle of researchers with a few hundred dollars can do it, then specially trained hackers with their government’s cash can certainly do the same, if not worse.

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