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Comment Re:The UK Government Are Massively Out Of Touch (Score 0) 191

Because he is showing that a part of the government is going astray. He's telling the world that these guys (NSA, and other secret services in other countries) is going about it in an unlawful way (and if it is lawful it shouldn't be for a large part). It's no longer 'trias politica' and no longer 'you're innocent until proved guilty'.

Comment Re:The UK Government Are Massively Out Of Touch (Score 3, Insightful) 191

There are examples enough that prove that mass-surveillance is hurting the public (i.e. swatting people over funny and misinterpreted facebook posts, reporters that where researching stuff, writers doing research...), I have yet to see evidence that the documents released by Edward Snowden actually hurting someone... And please don't tell me that the false positives are to neglect as we really need mass-surveillance to keep fighting the terrorist. By saying that you just as well may say: I'm a sheep and I give in to the politics of fear.

Comment Re:Please Stop. (Score 1) 627

I understand your frustration on the topic. But I have to say that I am one of the few that actually was forced to learn Java with notepad and a standard JDK without internet. The course was difficult but it made me a very good programmer. If I was to give a course to a newcomer I would still let him at least do one assignment this way. Back to the original subject: I think that there are a large group of programmers that know how to program but are not really aware on specifics like deployment / tuning / classpath issues / CLR configuration / IIS specifics / etc. These things are taken away from you by using a good IDE and you can still be an good developer. Personally I want to excel in development and have thought myself all others specifics as well. Just my 2 cents.

Comment GIS and .NET (Score 1) 158

Strange how nobody picked up the more troubling notes from the question. GIS development and .NET do not really mix that well. If the company (and you) are serious about GIS (or it is a large component) consider switching to Python or Java, or be at the (not so merciful and closed sourced) hands of ESRI. I have been developing a extremely large .NET application suite for the Dutch government for the last 5 years. It is still not working. Problems are the use of Oracle and .NET (Oracle being the biggest problem).
Tooling needed for GIS jobs works with Linux and other open source tooling. Consider PostgreSQL with PostGIS and GeoTools, GeoServer and GDAL/OGR. It's for your own sanity...

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