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Comment Underhanded C Contest (Score 5, Interesting) 360

I'm suprised that no one mentioned the Underhanded C Contest

Quoting their web site:
"The goal of the contest is to write code that is as readable, clear, innocent and straightforward as possible, and yet it must fail to perform at its apparent function. To be more specific, it should do something subtly evil. "

Comment Re:Sounds a bit small... (Score 2) 95

The number of particles is not relevant.
You can do a one billion simulation of a single galaxy or of the whole universe. The purpose is different.
In this respect, a particle can represent a single star in one galaxy or a single galaxy in the universe. Large scale structures in the universe don't depend on the exact location of each star in each galaxy.


Submission + - Internet Provider Releases "Deleted" Files to Authorities (leparisien.fr)

KingofSpades writes: French daily "Le Parisien" reports that a French Internet Provider has provided copies of personal files to the police after they had been "deleted" by their author — who happens to be missing and is suspected of having murdered his wife and four children. It appears that his online diary was stored on the provider's ("Free") cloud... and recovered from backups. This brings interesting implications about the privacy of cloud data and of the meaning of the word "delete". It relates to the discussion on Slashdot after the recent article about what Facebook sends to the police after a subpoena.

Comment Re:Which dynamic ? (Score 2) 68

Sure, I can compute this number with 2 significant digits. But with a scale which can measure masses to the nearest yoctogram I'd like 24 significant digits ! That's not what I call a Fermi problem. Going back to the original question, a wild guess would be a dynamic of 100. But I can't afford 18 dollars to read the paper. I could pay a yoctodollar, though !

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