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Comment Re:Seems to belong to X.ORG Foundation (Score 1) 140

The joke is on you... and everyone else. If you do a Google Street Map view of that address, all you get is a numberde wooded lot on a residential street. Which is supposedly also the home of Shiman Associates. Leon Shiman is probably some junkie from Cambridge that crashes on that empty lot.

Comment Re:Placebo (Score 1) 446

Everclear... 190 proof if available, 151 if not. The problem with H2O versus ETOH is the amount of dissolved oxygen. DO increases at temperature decreases. So that plays a factor in long term cold storage. Here's a link to a story of someone claiming to do a layup of some Tornado Juice.... If the stories are correct, that TJ has sat for a VERY long time... Maybe 20 years.

Good luck with the qualitative bioassay... Remember, if you get confused, just listen to the music play.

To the Elders... Thank You... For a Real Good Time!

Comment Re:Increase productivity?? (Score 1) 446

The only difference you'll see in shrooms are the fruiting bodies called abhorts... also called pinheads or bowling pins. They are only 1/2 to 1" in size and the cap is virtually nonexistent, hence the name pinhead. Testing has shown that abhorts contain more psilocybin and psilocin than mature fruiting bodies. Unfortunately, most growers will keep these for personal consumption.

This is strain independent and doesn't appear to be genetically linked to a particular one. It's also unknown whether the mutation is caused by the higher level of psychoactive compounds or if the mutation causes the high levels. It does seem to happen more during the initial fruiting cycle. Ideally, all the fruiting bodies should be harvested early, before the cap veil breaks is when they are the most potent. Growers that go for profit will let the fruit go until the caps are fully formed to maximize yield, at a loss of potency for the consumer.

Comment Re:Placebo (Score 1) 446

Blotter is not a good way to store LSD long term, regardless of environmental conditions. In distilled water or crystal form can both be stored for decades if kept away from light, heat and oxygen. Erowid has a story of a qualitative bio-assay of some Sandoz that was synthesized in the 50's and there was no apparent degradation during the 50+ years of storage. The product was stored in crystal form. There are rumors that several storage vaults were established to keep Owsley's product long term... These stashes were allegedly opened after his death and again this past summer for the GD50 events. It's also been said that The Family keep their product stored for several years and doesn't cook constantly, to avoid busts.

Comment Re:Increase productivity?? (Score 5, Interesting) 446

Large Doses??? Like being puddled or printed?

Please do not confuse taking a ten strip at Burning Man as being analogous with a true ++++ on the Shulgin Scale. Once you start pushing above 1mg, weird shit does happen. The dosage I just gave was NOT a misprint, puddles and prints will go 1 or 2 orders of magnitude beyond that. It's one thing to climb a mountain, another to stand on the plateau at the top and an entirely different experience when you jump off the cliff into the maw of eternity. Don't take my word for it, get on the bus and ask any knowledgeable member of the Family.

But my goal isn't to diminish your experience... our job is to shed light and not to master. The idea that a threshold dose is preferable is bit absurd though. Once could easily have ++ or a +/- from the exact same dose at different times. Each experience is unique unto itself and some times is independent of dosage. I've learned by personal experience that a low dose trip can produce a negative feedback loop into a bad trip easier that a large dose. Probably because I flirted with and fixated on the illusion of control versus just surrendering to the experience.

"Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right!"

Comment Re:TFS is oversensational? Say it ain't so! (Score 0) 131

I can add that I have a working prototype of what it would be like in it's present state. I took my Nexus 4 and installed the Mako Lollipop AOSP ROM, no GMS apps are installed with a pure AOSP build. I then installed the pico version of Google Apps, which is JUST the Play Store. From there I installed nearly every useful app that MS has published to the Play Store. All the apps I listed above and a few others like Skype. Incredibly, the phone actually runs well, very fast and stable. The Arrow Launcher and Next Lock Screen are actually quite innovative and have some unique feature not found in most builds.

It's a damn sight better than the last ROM I was running on my Nexus 4: Ubuntu Phone. What a piece of dogshit that is! This is coming from someone that ditched MS on the desktop and server many years ago and has not seen a reason to go back. What I've seen from even a half baked pseudo build of a MS Android phone is almost enough to make me a believer in MS again.

Comment Re:TFS is oversensational? Say it ain't so! (Score 0) 131

No license need to pull from the AOSP repo... Any licensing with Google is for the Google Mobile Services apps, the suite of application that are the "googly" parts of most android phones. Play Store, Gmail, Maps, etc... The agreement is called MADA, Mobile Applications Device Agrrement. It's a two year contract between a handset OEM and Google that licenses the suite and requires that it be installed on the OEM's handsets. The downside of the MADA is that it disallows the OEM from forking Android and creating their own distribution. Company pairings of OPPO/Cyanogenmod and Amazon/Foxconn are examples of devices that do not have GMS because no MADA was signed. Alibaba and Acer attempted to fork Android and Acer was smacked down by Google's legal team because of their MADA.

Microsoft could push out their own fork of Android easily... They may already have such a creature in the works, judging by the apps coming out of Microsoft's Garage. They have the Arrow Launcher, Next Lockscreen, Bing, Cortana and MS Office for Android... The only three major parts missing are the app store, mapping software and payment app. But if they enter into a MADA with Google, they are locked out of creating a fork for two years.

This would not be a terribly bad move for MS, they would essential be taking a play from Tom Sawyer and they could leverage all the development being done by the hardware makers, OEM's and other source code contributors.

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