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Comment Re:Virtual Tour (Score 1) 122

The Virtual Tour background image is a flag with three stars in the blue, and what looks like morse in six stripes. Hmm.

dah dit dah dit dit dah
dit dah dit dah dah dit
dah dah dit dah dah
dah dah dit dah dit dit
dah dah dah dah dah
dit dit dit dah dit dah dit

Sorry, I don't know how to get around the "junk charachter" filter with regular morse symbols.

Comment Re:TeX (Score 1) 701

Yeah, I find that interesting. People take Bible passages out of context to try and support their beliefs all the time; athiests and preachers alike. In this case, the athiest says ZOMG!! I KNO MATHS THE BIBBLE SUXOR LOLOLOLZ!!

If you do 30/pi and round to the unit, it's fine. If you read a little further the thickness is given and could account for the missing circumference quite well. If you're a numerologist, the passage is 1 Kings 7:23 and (23-1)/7 ~ 3.14. Or if you're a 2700-year old brass-casting jew, maybe it just makes sense.

Or maybe the author was just trying to say it was a big frickin' bowl and not trying to give a math lesson.

Comment Re:OK, so when can we buy one? (Score 1) 445

How not to do it... My first apartment was over garages with dark brown doors facing west. They'd collect heat all afternoon and radiate up into my place all night. It was miserable in the summer.

My current place does it right. A patio door with southern exposure lets the sun warm me in the winter but not in the summer. If my insulation and sealing were better I probably wouldn't even need to run a heater when it gets cold.

Comment Re:The cost of the OS is not the primary issue. (Score 1) 531

Parent nailed this one. I have an older machine and really want to run Ubuntu... I really do, and I already run mostly open source software. But:

Deal Breaker #1: No Netflix watch-it-now.
Deal Breaker #2: Soundcard didn't work. I researched and screwed with it for an hour before realizing that I'd rather be watching a movie.

I also have a couple of windows-only apps that I use occasionally and I don't want to spend hours figuring out how to make them work under wine or whatever. One of them is Friz 8, another is Power Tab Editor (for guitar music).

Maybe they'll get past the Netflix DRM issues or Wine will get developed enough to run Silverlight. Maybe I can live with TuxGuitar or something. Maybe I can make do with Crafty. Maybe I'll buy new hardware that works well with Linux. But for now, Windows does what I want it to (and yes, MSE is free).

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