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Submission + - Poll: How often do you read Slashdot at work

KingAlanI writes: A poll relating to the “Slashdotting while on the job” theme often seen in comments.
A suggested option list:

Never (don’t want to)
Never (restrictions and/or afraid thereof)
Never (My job entails working offline)
That’s what I’m doing right now.
I really do use it for legitimate work-related purposes (IT guy reading about new security holes, et cetera)
I work for CowboyNeal; he’s OK with it.
I don’t have a job, you insensitive clod.

Submission + - Going Linux

KingAlanI writes: "I'm strongly considering going Linux, if not right now, the next time I get a computer. I am looking for opinions as the best way to start out with Linux I have a couple Windows machines already, but I want to avoid wiping them (for instance, if I want to use some Windows software that doesn't behave with WINE or the like). How would one go about installing Linux on a PC w/o wiping Windows? Is this easy? Does it run quickly, whatever OS I boot into? How about buying a computer that just has Linux on it? Are there good OEMs that do this? (This ought to gain me a major benefit of Linux — i.e. the lower cost) What would you say is the essential Linux software (I can think of Firefox/Konqueror, OpenOffice, and perhaps WINE or something like it) what users' guide might you suggest for me"

Submission + - Microsoft & News Corp versus Yahoo? (

KingAlanI writes: " The New York Times website is reporting that Microsoft is trying another angle in its bid for Yahoo: joining up with another behemoth, Murdoch's News Corporation. This is still very much in the preliminary stage, if anything,b ut an important development to consider. Conversely, the idea of Yahoo working with fellow Web giant Google, in a plan to counteract Microsoft's takeover plan, is also discussed."

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