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Comment Similar issue with learning to drive (Score 1) 748

I'm still learning to drive, and have a problem like that. I want to stick to the letter of the law to practice for the road test which makes it hard to be on the road with people who are bending the rules. I have a decent idea of what I could do in everyday driving like go a bit over the speed limit, but I don't want to get into the habit before the test.

Comment Judaism and whiteness (Score 1) 313

I'd heard that Jewish people weren't white, but figured that was racist anti-Semitic slander. It seems like separate forms of bigotry, and people who discriminate in one category often do so in another.

Is it partially a debate about which European ethnic groups count as white? Some Jewish ethnic groups are based in Europe. Bernie's father was from Poland, not sure where his mother's family was from.

Comment Re:As a dentist who treats patients with Mt. Dew (Score 1) 362

yeah, bathing one's teeth in it all day can't be good, especially since most people don't brush during the middle of the day, so the food and drink residue just sits there.
However, I figure that person has more problems than just that, I bet they don't even brush morning and/or evening.
Summer 2011, I often fell asleep without brushing, and had 10+ cavities by fall. That's bad, but the teeth were/are still there, so I figure that person was behaving worse than I did for longer than I did.

Comment Re:mob boss make a bad bet? (Score 1) 210

Commentators talked about the momentum shift, and then that happened.

Yeah, if the spread was Baltimore by 3 or less, this would affect the betting outcome but not the game outcome, which makes sense as a lower-impact way to 'fix' it. However, most spreads I saw were San Francisco by 4. Maybe the attempt to 'fix' it went wrong, maybe it was about some side bet.

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