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Networking (Apple)

Journal Journal: Hire Me

Solutions-oriented Project Manager with broad experience leading the design, development, and implementation of robust client-focused technology systems, while managing operations and project-based initiatives for clients of all sizes.
* Advanced level of technical proficiency coupled with highly refined business acumen demonstrated by repeated success in the analysis and management of innovative IT solutions that directly promote business growth.
* Highly effective at producing IT policies and procedures, performing change/configuration management, process engineering, and schedule coordination, while supervising project teams throughout all lifecycle phases.
* Dynamic communications skills, with success developing and maintaining lasting relationships with key clients, fully communicating technical solutions to users and executives at all levels of technical proficiency.
* Influential leadership and supervisory abilities; able to coordinate and oversee cross-functional teams throughout all stages of project-based initiatives.
* Expert level of proficiency with leading development tools, programming languages, and administration utilities within various operating environments.

-- Project Management
-- Web Development
-- Database Design
-- IT Organizational Management
-- Application Design and Development
-- Resource Coordination and Management

-- Platforms: Windows 2000/2003 Professional/Server
-- Development: ASP, ASP.NET, C++, Java, PHP, SQL, Visual Basic, HTML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, XML
-- Tools: Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook), Crystal Reports, SQL Server

LAYBLE, INC., New York, NY
2002 - Present
-- President/ Director of Operations
Established and manage day-to-day business operations focused on providing comprehensive Web and database development services to clients of all sizes. Establish and cultivate relationships with new clients, collaborating extensively with customers to analyze needs, determine requirements, and lead development of custom solutions. Provide full lifecycle project management throughout project-based initiatives, coordinating efforts of clients, vendors, and team members.
Key Achievements:
* Spearheaded design, development, and administration of IT infrastructure for **** ************* ******* ***** *****.
* Served lead role in hands-on design and development for numerous key projects; designed robust front- and backend sites, including database implementation and integration, as well as conducting extensive testing to ensure fully functional solutions.
* Oversaw bottom-line sales initiatives, from identification of new customers to negotiation, sales material authoring, contract award, and delivery of services.
* Prepared and delivered remote training to customers on software and system operations, ensuring proficiency by users at all technical levels.

2000 - 2003
-- IT Manager
Supervised daily activities of IT team while personally developing SmartFC system, a core corporate software offering enabling online operations of client fulfillment systems. Served as key point-of-contact between technology team and customers, working directly with customers to determine and implement custom features and enhancements. Designed and developed all key system features, including Internet and warehouse connectivity.
Key Achievements:
* Successfully delivered first two releases of SmartFC fulfillment software, developed from ground-up and currently firm's premiere software offering.
* Served as technical sales engineer, delivering sales presentations to potential customers illustrating product features and operations.
* Established all departmental processes and procedures, streamlining workflow operations, implementing development environments and methodologies, and selecting technology solutions.

-- Bachelor of Science Degree - Major in Computer Science (2001)
St. Bonaventure University, St. Bonaventure, NY

User Journal

Journal Journal: Page 2 + 21

To carry the meme on from Safety Cap's journal:

  1. Grab the nearest book.
  2. Turn to page 23.
  3. Find the fifth sentence.
  4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

If this check box is not selected, follow these steps:
You all wish you knew the steps now don't you!

Red Hat Software

Journal Journal: Linux Network Install (No Monitor Blues...) 2

Hopefully someone out there can help me.

I have an extra box sitting next to me. Pretty decent specs, 2.1 GHz, 512 megs of ram. I'd like to put linux on it (preferrably fedora, but in the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter) and use it as a server. The problem... No monitor (or keyboard for that matter). I think currently it has Mandrake installed on it, but just the default install. Would it be possible to install fresh on top of whatever is on there over the network or am I just dreaming?

I guess what I would prefer to do is put in some sort of boot CD that would then pull the ISO's off of my laptop that is sitting right next to it. Install it, and then let me do everything from remote desktop.

I don't do much in Linux, so go easy on any explinations you might give.


The Almighty Buck

Journal Journal: Banks (update two) 1

OK, just got a call from the branch manager of the bank in Colorado. Says he'll guarentee payment on the check. It was returned due to no fault of myself or my client. The problem is that Fleet has already sent the check back to me in the mail.

Now CO branch manager is calling my Manhattan branch manager for what can only be described as a meeting of the minds. Still waiting to here what becomes of that. I'm hoping CO bank will wire the money to me before 3pm today (thus insuring I get it on today's business).

Previous to the manager calling me I had it out with the client. He bascially called me an idiot for not endorsing the check right. I called him a piece of shit for not wiring me the money when it is obvious to me that the check didn't clear due to no fault of my own.

I've since gotten an apology from him because apparently it was his bank that was causing the problem.

Hopefully the next update will contain a conclusion and my ultimate moral of the story.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Banks (update)

OK, the account that the check was drawn from definitely has the money to cover it. Their bank is telling them the check was endorsed wrong. I've had this problem before. Fleet has given me the following format for endorsing the business check.

For Deposit Only
Layble, Inc.
Account #xxxxxxxxx

Now the other bank is saying this is no good and need to endore it like this.

For Deposit Only
Layble, Inc.
Nicholas Jordan
Account #xxxxxxxxx

WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? Maybe I should attach a five page essay on what I'm goint to do with the money after it is deposited. Now I'm back trying to get ahold of someone at Fleet who might be able to tell me why they are telling me it is insufficient funds and the other bank is telling me it was a bad endorsement. I've called my nearest branch manager, and have a call in to a supervisor at the call center.

Normally I let shit like this roll off my back, but it is the holidays, people are expecting bonuses, landlords are expecting rent, and I'm close to going off the deep end!


Journal Journal: Banks 1

I don't usually induldge in the act of writing a jounal entry, but I need to vent.

WHAT THE FUCK IS THE DEAL WITH THE BANKING SYSTEM IN THE UNITED STATES? Let me preface the rest of the rant with a few facts. I live in Manhattan. I use Commerce Bank for my personal accounts. If you live in an area where Commerce is, I highly reccommend it! My business accounts are with Fleet. I should move them to Commerce, but I had originally opened them with Fleet, and closing a business account and reopening it is more of a hassle than I thought it was worth. I was wrong.

I've had my problems with Fleet in the past. Them returning a five figure check because I had signed it instead of just writing the company name on the back of the check. The check was made out to the company that i deposited the check in. Who gives a fuck if Bozo the clown endorsed it? So I learned from my mistake.

Last monday I deposited another check. Again for a decent (>10k) amount of money. I'm not even going to mention the fact that in these days of electronic commerce a fucking check should clear in seconds not days. On Thursday the funds became available. Good times. Happy Holidays. I went to the branch on thursday and withdrew money. The bank had no problem with this because the money was in the account.

Fast foward to this morning. I was shipping some stuff UPS and tried to pay with the company Debit Card. Declined. Strange I thought. Maybe the large withdrawal on Friday had put me over my daily limit or something. So I called my friendly Fleet representative. She was actually very nice. She told me the check I had deposited on Monday and that had "cleared" on Thursday had been returned to me on Friday and my account was now overdrawn by upwords of three thousand dollars. WTF? Why did they clear the check on Thursday and then return it on Friday. She had to call "Check Verification" to get the reason. I was walking to the subway at the time and she told me she could call me back at 10am with the answer. Good enough for me I thought. 10am came.. No call. 10:30, no call.

So I called Fleet back and went through the whole process again. This time the lady on the other line hung up on me. Simple mistake? Probably. Angry KingAdrock? YES!

So I call back for the third time. New lady.

Lady: "I'm sorry sir our systems are down can you call back in thirty minutes?"
Me: "No, I'll hold"
Lady: "Sir this could take a while"
Me: "That's OK, I'll hold."
Lady: "Ummm.. How about I put you back into the system. We have three call centers and maybe the other centers aren't having this problem."
Me: (reluctantly) "OK"

So I have to go through the 45 menus and entering all of my PIN's and account numbers all over again.

New Lady: "Hello sir, I'd like to help, but our systems are down can you call back in 30 minutes."
Me: "No"
New Lady: "But sir..."
Me: "Let me talk to a supervisor"
New Lady: "Sure sir, but a supervisor is not going to be able to get the system up"
Me: "Do I stutter? Give me your supervisor"
New Lady: "Yes sir"

So I get the supervisor and we finally figure out that the check had insufficient funds. Well why the fuck with all of the technology in the world did it take four fucking days to figure out that the check didn't have enough money in the account? Why the fuck did you clear it?

This story gets worse. The company that sent the check is owned by a family member. This family member is going to be at my parents house for the holidays. I leave for the parents hosue in two days. They have better fixed this problem before then or it is not going to be a Merry Christmas.

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