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Comment Re:A necessity? (Score 1) 211

As someone who grew up in a rural area, I've been waiting for broadband of any kind to become available in my home area. I moved off to the city for college and after graduating I have a job in the same city. I'm now able to work from home but I have to do it from my apartment instead of back in my home area because of no high speed connection. If there was broadband there I would move back in a heart beat. I wonder what affect this would have on that area if me and my friends in the same boat had the opportunity to live around the people we grew up with. The job market in that area is like night and day compared to the city and I think those areas would get a real boost in opportunity if businesses where able to operate in these lower income areas of the country.

This is why I've always been supportive of providing high speed internet to everyone. It's so much more than having the ability to stream Netflix and play online games. People who assume that is all high speed is good for are morons.

Comment Re:WTF... (Score 1) 99

Actually the whole human rights thing with China is related to corporate interests. The Chinese are able to exploit their population into damn near slave labor which draws a lot of economic progress into their country. Basically Chinese companies are getting more business than American companies and since US companies can't sink to their level of exploiting workers, they want to bring them up to their own.

The US in general couldn't give two shits about human rights or the environment in China. We're just pissed that China is ruining our empire by not playing the game to our standards...

Comment As many honor students as we have students! (Score 1) 553

My strategic management professor showed us some random statistics on the first day and one I saw was the number of honor students China claimed greatly outnumbered the total number of students the US has altogether.

Kind of a downer to think about but I like to think the typical chinese tends to have a little more devotion to the greater good of all people where the west has a fuck-'em-got-mine attitude. I just hope they apply their knowledge to curing cancer or building my flying car rather than coming up with new and innovative ways of screwing people over.

Comment Re:Not to sound overly nationalist (Score 1) 277

Sadly this is true. If you thought copying software was bad, image the red tape we'll have to go through to get something like this to become a possibility. But, we'll get there...eventually!

Alternately, someone can make an automobile comprised of "open-source" part designs. It would be, like, the Linux of cars!

Comment Re:Not to sound overly nationalist (Score 1) 277

Well if the Asians keep advancing things like this we won't have a need for their cheap manufacturing labor force to produce our random crap. We can just buy these 3D printers thingies and make our own crap like the good ol' days.

I invision a future where you go to the local CNC shop and have them analyze a busted transmission plate and carving me a new one. So instead of ordering off for your replacement part for your car (or what ever) you'll simply have a new one made locally.

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