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Comment Re:Not exactly a high bar to clear (Score 3, Interesting) 170

The TDP limitations is not only due to heat issues, but also to maintain the battery levels.

Sure you can ran the hardware at a higher speed with more TDP / wats, but you will also drain the batteries way faster.

That is why you will never see one of the "gamer" laptops with better battery then 2 hours (which is nothing as those numbers are of average use).

Not defending the "technical" solutions of Apple, because i think they missed the mark with MBP this time.

The touch bar is a gymnick, and the hardware a bit sub-scale.

I will wait for better CPUs and faster memory / SSD combos... maybe next year?

Comment Re:Upper class gets 100 Gbps (Score 1) 79

Well, i will leave my inteligence alone to myself.

I was refering to the "10Mbps" that the article refered.

In case you don't know, I can inform you that there are plenty of people that would be happy to have 5Mbps in UK.

Actually there are areas, like Island of Dogs in London, where you are lucky if you get any connection at all, just because the phone exchange is overloaded and there is no more capacity on it for years.

So yes, there are issues, and yes, internet in UK is crap comparing with other civilized countries.

Now regarding the cables not supporting, depends on the cables.

In case you didn't know either, some areas have cables not of copper, but of aluminium (which was way cheaper at the time, and worked for normal voice, but it's %£%£$% for internet).

So your milleage does vary a lot.

Comment Re:The H1B program could easily be fixed (Score 1) 332

There is no way to fix H1B because on the day it is open, you have off-shore companies from a certain country applying in bulk for a visa for ALL of their employees.

Even if they only get 5% of the spots applied, it's a win-win for them.

Of course, if you aren't from that country or from a company like that, good luck on the "lottery".

Comment co-responsability (Score 1) 162

Someone that posts a link to a torrent site can become co-responsable for the copyright infrigements downstream.

By the same logic, if a mobile phone is hacked and money disapears from the bank account due to that, then the phone manufacturer and operator are co-responsables for that hacking due to leaving the phone open to known vulnerabilities?

Comment Re:Depends on the country (Score 4, Informative) 67

Also, the EU regulations state that the data should be handled just to fulfull the requirements of the service rendered.

Additionally, if the data is exported to the US it still needs to comply with all EU regulations. The fact that the data moved to a different country has no bearings on what the companies can do with it (they still need to apply the EU regulations).

And if they use 3rd party services for some internal processes that have access to the data, those 3rd party also need to comply.

It is not a "out-of-eu regulation" free card.

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