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Comment Re:You missed the point. It's about relativity. (Score 2) 167

I sincerely doubt the UIs are getting worse year after year. If that were the case, we would have unusable devices by now. What is really happening is that people are resisting change. The new thing is different---unfamiliar and possibly confusing. That doesn't mean it's worse, but it does mean people will react negatively.

I highly suspect you of being a microsoft employee.

No, really. This is what they believe is going on in people's heads.

YES, the windows UI has been getting worse over time. 98 was an improvement over 95, and 2K was an improvement over 98, but it's all downhill from there.

That being said, the CORE of the operating system has gotten consistently better, with caveats. Vista was more stable, but fucked gaming performance, and performance overall (my HDD light stayed on so constantly I'm surprised it didn't burn out).

Windows 7, our favorite fucking hero, was an unplanned response to Vista hate. It was basically a fixed version of Vista. Vista SP3. UI was good, but bloated, slow, and candy-coated compared to XP.

Windows 8-- more improvements to the core, which users don't see or care about.... and more dookie UI choices. And how many users got tricked into updating to 8.1 by hearing the rumor that 8.1 "fixed" the start menu...?

Windows 10: This is the Idiocracy version of Vista. Shit performance, it spies on you, and puts ads in the start menu. Installs updates whenever it wants (often when you're working).

Comment Re:Companies doing fine; not comsumers (Score -1, Redundant) 319

A more accurate description: Comcast is being paid by you and me to deliver the internet, including netflix. But comcast sells movies, so netflix is a competitor. So they decided to limit the traffic from netflix to their customers, so that netflix movie quality would be terribly but comcast movie quality would be good. Netflix offers free caches to solve this problem, and free peering to solve this problem, but comcast doesn't want to solve this problem, because to them it is a feature. In a free market we could move to another ISP. In my case, I could also use Verizon... who is doing the same crap as comcast. ISPs are a natural monopoly, based on the economics and physics of running cables. With net neutrality, all companies can compete based on quality. Without net neutrality, vertically-integrated ISPs have an major advantage. Now, you may like government picking winners and losers, but I'm a fan of market competition, so I choose net neutrality.

TL;DR-- Netflix wants us to care about their problem.

Comment Re:Well this is ass backards (Score 1) 319

Who the fuck are these hypothetical businesses who get more than they pay for? You are aware that businesses pay for bandwidth, then pay for uploaded bytes, yes?

Of course, most businesses use a service for hosing. S3, godaddy, whatever. So then instead of paying for internet directly, they pay a provider, and then THAT company is paying for both bandwidth and upload.... No one is getting anything for free.

Comment Re:Companies doing fine; not comsumers (Score -1, Troll) 319

Net Neutrality aimed to make the playing field even for everyone.

"Net Neutrality" became a thing as a result of Netflix trying (and failing) to bully Comcast into peering agreements by appealing to the public.

Funny how all the big companies (with insane ISP bills) support net neutrality.

THEY ARE NOT FIGHTING FOR CHEAPER INTERNET FOR EVERYONE.... they are fighting for cheaper internet for themselves. Regardless of who wins, WE GET NOTHING.

Comment Re:Censorship made easy (Score 1) 195

'Extremism' and 'cyberbullying' are the two best pretexts so far, aside from your kiddie porn I suppose. We desperately need the indelible internet and mesh networks to combat this.

Funny how Eschelon, PRISM, Carniviore, etc. were put in place to catch pedos.... but we still are infested with em.

This is just the latest chapter in the cucks who TRY to run the world refining their censorship methods.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 251

The election wasn't hacked by Russia. It was hacked by multiple parties within the 'deep state'. CIA supported their Dixie Mafia candidate (Clinton), and the FBI supported their old guard rich bastard candidate (Trump).

Meanwhile, the NSA was doing whatever they could to increase the LULZ, because LULZ and a paycheck are all NSA employees give any fucks about.

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