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Comment Re:Easy back-up solution (Score 1) 141

Do you not know how email works? If I know your email address, I know your mail server.

All I have to do is--
default server:
>set q=mx
default server:

Non-authoritative answer: MX preference = 0 mail exchanger =

Of course, you don't HAVE to have a DNS MX record pointing to your mail server. You only need one of those if you want people to be able to SEND YOU MAIL.

Comment Re:Security cleared (Score 1) 89

Snowden didn't tell me anything I didn't know.

Remember Heartbleed? Tell me Robin Seggelmann isn't on the NSA payroll and I won't believe you. Tell me he's unemployed, and I might believe you. But he's not unemployed, after making the stupidest fucking mistake EVER.

And it goes deeper than one guy allegedly fucking up code in the most critical piece of security software in the world.

RFC6520-- WHY THE FUCK DOES THIS EXIST? Because it's too computationally expensive for clients to re-establish SSL sessions...?! Really? My dual core 2.15ghz smart phone begs to differ.

Highly suspicious that this RFC even exists, and then later is the source of the biggest FUCK UP in security coding history.

The fucking game is rigged. There is no privacy. There is no security.

Comment Re:Work to change the laws if they are unfair (Score 2) 410

- the law is theft and the entire system is built around that theft. AFAIC Apple shouldn't pay a cent and instead hire a private army to go after every single politician involved in this racketeering and I mean to go with full force of every shady tool available to people when that sort of money is involved, up to and including blackmail, kidnapping, extermination and regime change.

Tax is theft?

Good luck finding a shoulder to cry on when John Galt quintuples the price of electricity because he can.

Comment Re:They are talking about new laws. (Score 3, Interesting) 367

I was recently at a free security seminar, which featured an FBI special agent from the cyber-crime devision as the main speaker.

Main LOL's taken away from this talk:
-Stuxnet was created by terrorists.
-Dual-factor auth. is not the silver bullet it appears to be.
-Everyone should put their data in the cloud.
-Private cloud is less secure than public cloud.

The 20/30-somethings in the room were stoked about free beer and cookies. All the old-head neckbeards had full blown WAT face going on.

Comment Re:Begun... (Score 2) 115

Jones' job is to rile people up. Every 6 months or so, it's the same shit:


And if you're dumb enough to buy guns or ammo at Walmart on that particular day of the year, you just made "The List".

Comment Re:50 hours of crap. (Score 1) 467

The problem with this logic:
1. They didn't build a universe, they built a galaxy. If you "end the game" by getting to the center, you get dumped into a "new" galaxy. You can't otherwise travel between them, so even if there's an infinite number of successive galaxies, that does not constitute a universe.
2. A galaxy is quite huge, but when you have a few million people in it, traveling around at speeds that let you jump between stars in seconds, the chances of people meeting are NOT astronomical. I am not surprised that 2 people ran into each other on day 1, exposing the multiplayer lie.

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