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Comment Re:iOS is toys, OS X is Unix. Learn the difference (Score 1) 360

Would you please stop calling it OS/X? That's just screwy, and demonstrates that you really don't know what you are talking about as do your other threads complaining about the functionality of the system. Mac OS X or, simply, OS X are acceptable. Quit the OS/X stuff.

And yes, your problem is that you expect things to be the same across every OS out there. That's impractical. It also shows you don't know the history of Microsoft and Apple. Apple came up with a lot of this stuff back in the 80s and Microsoft ripped a lot of it off, changing it just enough to not be sued into oblivion. MS became the popular choice, though, so their methods and shortcuts are what others started using over the years. Apple hasn't changed a lot of the OS basics since the beginning of the Macintosh brand. Sure, things have evolved, but a side-by-side of the original Mac and one just off the line will show that Apple has been pretty consistent for over 30 years in the UI department.

But, I get away from my original point: please don't call it OS/X.

Comment Re: nook (Score 1) 321

You know about Calibre. Have you ever used Calibre? Seriously- it's takes minutes to convert dozens of books and load them on a Kindle. Show stopper? Naw. I say this as a happy user of Calibre and as a Kindle owner. As close to a painless conversion experience as you can get.

Comment Re:FCC Must Finally Enforce the A La Carte Provisi (Score 1) 286

You either have a crappy antenna for OTA channels, or you live in a crappy, hilly part of the country. I live in an area where I can pick up over a dozen OTA channels (3 channels of PBS, 2 or 3 NBCs with local news/events, 2 ABC with local news/events, etc. I just have to point the antenna in different directions) The farthest station is 70+ miles away; I would bet you need to replace your antenna to get your "lost" OTA stations back.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 2) 156

Yes, they seldom cooperate, but sometimes the higher ups do share some intelligence with the the lower departments. Have you missed the stories where a lower department was told "be at x place at y time, look for this person and get them for any small infraction of the law, then take them in and invoke any laws you can to get more information to as related to z reason." There have been stories like this on /. for quite a while. It has happened, it continues to happen. The smaller department will get you for some small breaking of the law, then escalate because they were _told_ to look for this small thing the person was doing in order to catch them in the larger crime, all because they higher department "knew" they were up to something (because of the intelligence that the higher authority gathered through, ahem, someone legal means).

Comment Re:who thinks... (Score 1) 103

Yes, there are pieces of equipment hooked up between the different networks of ISPs. I recently (a week ago) sent my ISP a complaint that a router between them and another large ISP would sometimes start to increase in latency 2x-3x the normal when crossing over to the other ISPs network. They sent me a reply that this issue can't be resolved because the particular piece of hardware that is causing intermediate problems is owned by the military. Now, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that military could mean anything, and is most likely monitored or even installed by the NSA. It only makes sense for the NSA to install their own hardware between the different networks of large ISPs, since these are choke points of communication.

Comment Re:"Always on" is "Mostly Unusable For Several Wee (Score 4, Insightful) 511

Yeah, and out of everyone I know who played the game (dozens, including me) there are maybe 1 or 2 that continue to play the game (I don't, though I'll pop in from time to time to see if anything has changed). The initial success was great and it sold like hotcakes. The continued success? Not so great because the game is so damn boring. I don't believe I'll be playing D3 in a decade from its release, like I was with D2- partly because the game sucks and mostly because I doubt Blizzard will keep its servers going that long.

Comment Fellow Slashdotters... (Score 1) 1176

I know that, as a community, most of us do not RTFA before posting, but the amount of stupidity on display for this particular article is just amazing.
1) it's BRAKE, not break.
2) it's STEEL, not steal (as in a cable)
3) modern cars do NOT have keys, so you can not simply just turn it to the ACC or OFF position because there is no such thing
4) computers, which most of us love, control almost every function of a modern car, including what gear you are in, whether the engine is running or not, so on and so forth. if the computers are crashed/bugged out/in a loop/one of a million bugs came to the surface, the driver loses control over what the car can and can not do.

I've come to the conclusion that no one on this site can spell correctly AND no one here drives or has even heard of a modern car's features. I have no solution to the spelling part, but for the love of Jebus, watch a car show once in awhile. I suggest Top Gear (the original UK version, not the crappy US version). You will learn a lot about cars from that show, technology-wise. This is a tech site, right? Keep up on current (car) technology, you noobs.

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