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Comment Re:It should be obvious (Score 1) 375

"But because mainstream neo-classical economists imagine the capitalist market system as given by the structure of reality like the law of gravitation - David Ricardo's very model for the labour market - they construe their study as 'value free'.
Order thus found, the extraction of money profit can be regularized in such a way that its operations are quantified, plotted on graphs and made into equations, thereby appearing to their designers as laws of Newtonian physics at work in the world." - John McMurtry, The Cancer Stage of Capitalism

Comment Re:It should be obvious (Score 1) 375

Depends on the economic system. What is taught as economics is largely a study on the given economic model. It gets circular and the premises of the model tend not to get challenged, and certain concepts get reified and detached from physical reality. Hence you get effects like Luddism where labour-saving technology (the point of technology is to reduce labour) to keep jobs. And you get laws against digital copying because of precepts of remuneration and management of scarcity by monetization even when no scarcity exists.

Comment Re:Lovely summary. (Score 5, Informative) 1044

This doesn't corroborate with what I'm reading. It seems the Sad Puppies were formed as an opposition to the CHORFs (Cliquish, Holier-than-thou, Obnoxious, Reactionary, Fanatics) which apparently embody the SJW mindset of disregarding works from authors with differing political views. Everywhere I'm seeing the Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies described as being very much the same, though the founders of both these blocs seem to disagree that they are the same And what Yiannopoulis is saying in the article seems to be that the SJWs bloc voted no award as opposition to the Sad and Rabid Puppies. FTA: "Puppies supporters say that slew of âoeno awardâ wins this year can at least partially be attributed to the fact that SJW votes were concentrated on that choice, while Puppies votes were distributed between as many as four deserving authors. The âoeno awardâ results in the novella and short story categories are a particular slap in the face to ordinary fans, who remember the genreâ(TM)s roots in short-form pulp magazine writing."

Comment Re:Japanese Paradox (Score 1) 38

I'm the Anon Coward in the grandparent post. "I'm Libertarian at heart, but I don't see how capitalism is going to solve this problem." I don't think it will, that's what I'm saying. Capitalism is incompatible with the abundance and efficiency that high technology can bring. "I'm too optimistic in my hope that idle people would do good with their spare time." I don't think so. "Without any structure, I bet a huge portion of our population checks out, going to a perpetual drug induced stupor." Based on what?

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