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Comment Re:Iris (Score 1) 800

this is a strength? are you utterly incapable of googling "locksmiths near (address)"?

No, but neither were people utterly incapable of typing "run locksmith" on the Apple II when icons and other GUI features were being introduced on the Lisa and Mac.

Comment Citation Needed (Score 1) 295

When you're going to publicize counterintuitive info, you should probably do more to establish the credibility of your source data. I mean, does anyone know how they got these numbers? What games were they looking at? How did they determine who played these games, and what method was used to capture the player's age?

Comment Obvious Use (Score 1) 92

"to focus attention on just one person in the midst of other people, voices and background noise."

They want a computer algorithm that can single out a specific voice in a crowded area and convert it to a text feed...

Who thinks this will be of more interest to the intelligence community than the we-just-want-to-build-a-friendlier-robot comunity?

Comment End User (Score 1) 773

I'm the kind of person who:

1) Is familiar enough with my top sites to know which search engine they can't be found on.
2) Never uses bookmarks.
3) Is not familiar enough with my top sites to remember the address.

Oh yeah, I don't know if this means anything but...

4) I Google "bing" to find bing.com

Comment Re:Here it is for 5c (Score 1) 844

The problem with behavioral research done in Uganda is that it really only applies to Uganda. In a land where unprotected sex and STD infection is out of control, circumcision seems to help protect men. Doctors are stumped as to what it is about the modified penis that adds the additional protection, but statistics don't lie. Right?

It is my understanding that these studies do not count sexual partners or encounters, they merely have follow-ups with men who chose to get the circumcision procedure done. Far from being an in depth behavioral study, they don't explore any of the cultural or social consequences of having a circumcised penis in a largely uncircumcised nation. Scientists just checked in a few years later and did some blood work.

Now these studies are being quoted in an effort to influence US policies. It's so-so science being applied idiotically.

Comment iTunes, duh (Score 1) 468

I thought Apple already proved the best way to fight digital piracy is to offer an extremely well stocked library that is shinier and easier to use than torrents. People will pay for convenience.

A year ago, it was reported Apple made 556 million in music sales on iTunes.

In fact, if you actually learn the lessons of the music industry, going digital is extremely profitable. Frederick Stamphammer, the RIAA Vice-President of Digitization says this is how the music industry is weathering the economic crisis.

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