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Comment Humans or no? (Score 5, Interesting) 892

I always thought the idea of having humans on board a "space battle cruiser" were really weak on imagination. It's very likely space battles would take place with autonomous robots, controlled from a distance, so as not to sacrifice human lives. This, in general, is probably the future of military combat. A million little nano bots would also be much more effective in waging a battle than 1 or 2 giant ships with laser beams (also weak on imagination).

Comment HTML5 (Score 5, Insightful) 102

I'd rather just wait for HTML5 WebSockets. I've done a few demos on Google Chrome using node.js, and it's very fast, efficient, and simple to use. Much more practical than "long-polling", since it is a truly persistent bi-directional connection with the server.

Any attempt to do this with HTTP is just hacking the protocol to do something it was never intended to do.

Comment Re:Fail (Score -1, Flamebait) 95

As someone who has owned both an iPhone and an Android phone, I have to say the iPhone is better (in terms of UI and hardware). In terms of software obviously having an open platform is way better.

Though I'd prefer this thread not turn into a giant iPhone vs. Android flame-war. Maybe we need a Nokia fan-boy somewhere to even the playing field.

Comment How long will it last? (Score 1, Redundant) 454

I am willing to bet that eventually they'll start loosing more money than they are now. They are probably making a decent amount of money on advertising right now, and they will probably end up making less on paid subscriptions than they currently do on advertising. Will they eventually reverse course in 6months to a year?

I guess we'll see... but for the majority of the internet, this means the death of murdoch's online news dominance. Good Riddance.

Comment Yes and No (Score 2, Interesting) 512

At my web development company we officially stopped testing our sites on IE6 last year. However, we do still test sites in IE6 when we know the client is specifically using that browser (so they don't complain). However, IE7 is still pretty common among XP users, so we still have to test all sites on IE7 and IE8.

Though as far as we're concerned, IE6 is dead.

Comment So let's get this straight... (Score 2, Insightful) 86

The FCC was blaming AT&T...
AT&T said don't look at us, blame Google Voice!
Google Voice said it's not our fault, it's the use of "traffic pumping" thats causesing high fees
The guys going the traffic pumping are probably blaming the people running the rural telephone systems...
The people running the rural telephone systems are just trying to turn a profit in a rural area with few calls being made...

When everyone is really just trying to make a profit, who is really the bad guy here?

Comment Re:useful energy is not free (Score 4, Insightful) 404

Another Point: You ever driven in a parking lot? Count the number of speed bumps you go over. I wonder how "fuel" the stores are "stealing" from you by making you drive slow over these bumps. Replace those with plates. Might actually get some energy while making people drive slower at the same time. What a concept!

Comment Re:useful energy is not free (Score -1) 404

You are not stealing any energy from the car at all. This argument is ludicrous. It is using the force of gravity to push down the plates. The friction on this surface would probably be equal to that of the normal pavement. Meaning your car is going to expend this energy anyway. In no way does this actually take any measurable amount of energy from the car itself. This is a very poorly thought out argument in my opinion.

Besides... how efficient is the car-to-pavement transfer of energy anyway? Combustion engines are inherently inefficient to begin with.

Comment Microsoft and what? (Score 4, Insightful) 133

It's not every day you see "Microsoft" and "Free" in the same headline.

You think this is a sign Microsoft is legitimately trying to reach out to the web community? Or is this just another attempt to grab server market share from Apache and the Linux community?

Generally, I think the last thing the web needs is more servers running IIS.


Submission + - Benchmarking CSS Selectors

Kickboy writes: These days in the JavaScript world, everything is about accessing and manipulating the DOM (Document Object Model). The most powerful tool available to modern JS developers are CSS Selectors. Today, every popular JavaScript Library and modern browser has it's own implimentation of accessing elements on a page using advanced CSS3 selectors, but which is most efficient? With that question in mind, I have developed an advanced CSS Selector benchmarking tool. This tool uses the latest versions of all the popular JavaScript Libraries; including jQuery, ProtoType, mooTools, Dojo, and YUI. Users who run a test on this site can submit their results to be included in the website's overall stats. By tracking the different results for libraries on many different browsers and computer configurations, we can produce an accurate map of the most efficient JavaScript Libraries and Browsers. Try the test yourself...

Square Enix To Buy Eidos, Midway Files For Bankruptcy 88

arcticstoat writes to tell us that Square Enix has been revealed as the potential buyer to Eidos, developer of the Tomb Raider franchise. Eidos had been shedding workers and studios in an attempt for financial stability. This comes alongside news that Midway Games is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in order to stave off creditors while they sort out what's left of their resources. World of Goo publisher Brighter Minds Media also filed for bankruptcy last month. Free Radical, a UK studio recently put in a similar position was snapped up by Crytek, and we discussed news of Sega's financial turmoil as well. It seems that claims from late last year suggesting the games industry may be "recession proof" are quickly being proven wrong, though Kotaku suggests that most of the blame falls on the developers.

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