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Comment This is ideal for a kick in the nuts analogy (Score 2, Funny) 259

Consider the following: You've been tasked with junk-kicking the man business of a certain number of individuals. The parameters of your task are only concerned with the number of people junk-kicked; you decide which people's man business gets junk-kicked to meet your assigned quota. Are you going to junk-kick Vladamir Putin or Osama Bin Laden? How about Kim Jong-il? Tom Cruise? I would think not. That some of the aforementioned people might deserve a junk-kick in their man business matters not. They all have massive influence and could easily make you: disappear, die, rot in prison, or a level 5 Thetan.

The obvious targets for a junk-kick in the man business would be individuals with very little influence: Luxembourgians, educated American voters, Gary Coleman, The Jackson family sans Michael, and etc. These targets would have little recourse other than to accept a good junk-kick in the man business. In fact, some groups are repeatedly being junk-kicked in the man business (read: educated American Voters).

I think it's safe to say that a lack of influence == junk-kick in your man business.

Comment Obvious when you think about it. (Score 4, Funny) 236

It's quite obvious when given some thought. Consider the following:

You are at a party relaxing and enjoying yourself. At some point you lose track of your surroundings and time. When you come to, you remember being junk-kicked in your man business some 180 times. You're pretty sure in was someone you met at the party by the name of Ivan Jnkkckr. After a bit of investigative work you track down Ivan's number from another guest that attended the party. Ivan denies junk-kicking you in your man business.

After further investigation and conversations with other party attendees, you come into possession of some cellphone video. The videos show quite Ivan's foot spinning in a spiral pattern while junk-kicking you in your man business some 180 times. You confront Ivan Jnkkckr with multiple videos showing from multiple angles the relentless assault on your now decimated nuts. Ivan then promply admits that he spiral junk-kicked your nuts.

Obviously Ivan knew he had junk-kicked your man business; he just needed the video evidence to compel him to come clean.

Comment Re:Or parents... (Score 3, Funny) 355

Precisely! Why would any parent give that manner of control over their children to the government? Consider the following:

Your child needs to be junk-kicked in his man business. Do you want someone like Dick Cheney to be the one junk-kicking your child's man business? Do you want the Supreme Court sending Sonia Sotomayor to your home to junk-kick your child? I certainly hope not. If anyone is going to junk-kick a child's man business, I would hope that the child's parent(s) would care enough not to allow some government official do the junk-kick. Clearly the responsibility of junk-kicking children should lie with the parent(s) of said children.

Please think before asking the government to take over your responsibilities and joys of parenting.

Comment A better way to look at it. (Score 3, Funny) 284

Microsoft did the right thing, they shouldn't be bashed for it. Consider the following:

You're standing in line thinking that the guy next to you, Steve, is a pretty normal guy; perhaps you don't like him a lot, but he seems to keep to himself. Suddenly Steve turns to you and junk-kicks you right up in your man business. When you come to several minutes later, Steve apologizes profusely. Apparently there was a mix-up which unfortunately resulted in your swollen nuts. Wanting to make things right, Steve allows you to junk-kick him in his man business.

I think it is safe to say Microsoft is doing the right thing allowing you to junk-kick their man business.

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