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Comment Re:Nonsense (Score 1) 370

Agreed. The "modern" theater experience does need to die. The theater business does not necessarily need to die along with it, but it does need to contract/re-balance somewhat. Having first-run movies available at home should give the mainstream public an alternative to showing up at the theater. Decreased theater demand should then lead to lower prices, which inevitably will lead to fewer theaters. However, I believe there will always be people who want to see "Theater Movies" in an actual theater, and there will be businesses who can provide that service to those people profitably, but not the insane levels of profit that the major studios are raking in today.

Comment Re:Can't be worse than FL human drivers (Score 1) 131

I know, right? Half the cars in Florida are driverless now. My favorite is what I call the Florida Turn Signal. To make a lane change, a car starts edging over the line slowly. If no horns are blown, then they come the rest of then way. The Florida Turn Signal is "When I'm two feet into your lane, you know I'm coming over."

However, native Floridians do get a bad rap. The real problem is all the retired Yankees who move down there.

Comment Re:so is there a good theory? (Score 1) 470

A non-programmer friend of mine came to me all wound up about an idea he had for a mobile app. We went through all the gyrations of writing up a simple agreement and signing it, so he could tell me the idea without me being able to shut him out. The idea was for a mobile passport app to facilitate checking in at Customs in the airport. I went to the app store and found one in about 30 seconds.

He was disappointed.

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