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Comment Re:Put your fucking phone away (Score 1) 150

This creates the ability to isolate your chair from the vision of all other movie-goers.

I already have something that does that. It's called my living room. The point of seeing a movie in a theater is that it is a shared experience, and that you are not isolated from other people. Participating in this shared experience requires everyone to adhere to the terms of the same social contract: don't talk, don't smoke, don't yell "FIRE", keep your feet off the seat in front of you, and turn off your damn phone.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 291

Take it off the wall and throw it away. Use your cell phone or your watch for timekeeping. Problem solved.

Or perhaps a desktop computer? But, the clock predates him, so we don't know by how much, so if the wall it hangs on has gotten faded or dingy over time there may be a nasty shadow remaining when he takes the clock down. I would rather see the broken clock.

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