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Comment Re:Free of compromises? (Score 1) 77

"the guncons of most consoles is really a photo transistor"

No, just the Action Maxx, Nintendo Zapper, Super Nintendo Super Scope, and the Sega Genesis Menacer ones used that (of the sozens of consoles I've owned and taken apart over the years.) Everything else from the PSX on up (Time Crysis, anyone?) worked fine with LCD screens.

Comment Re:580 Mhz CPU and DDR1? (Score 1) 124

"Yes, I also mentioned section 2 (main features). Perhaps you could take the time to read that one instead of screenshotting the "Maximum ratings" section."

Zero reason to do that when the actual product manufacturer comes into this very thread and says "We use DDR2."

Not my fault you bothered talking without reading EVERYTHING, first, including the developer, who was here in this very comment section.


Comment Re:What kind of pain will it work on? (Score 1) 144

"My experiences were that you won't get high or euphoric when you use THC as a painkiller, however the sensation of pain will reduce and that helps you to relax."

I still get high, but then again I'm knocking back dabs instead of smoking flower. But my leg and back don't bother me afterwards, so I can dig gems and enjoy some scenery while high (literally, both meanings.)

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