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Comment Re:WTF is Google Now? (Score 4, Informative) 74

It's a location-driven, search-driven, email-driven user interface that reads your, well 1) searches, 2) emails/contacts/birthdays/meetings, and 3) location and delivers you what it thinks will be the most relevant information to you. Have an Amazon package? It will read your email from Amazon, parse the tracking info, and display the tracking info for you. Read a blog recently? It will display the latest blog post as soon as it's updated. Searched for "March Madness"? It'll display scores, game broadcast times, ticket prices, etc. Searched for "Frozen showtimes"? It'll display showtimes at the nearest theaters. I'm not saying it isn't creepy. But the service is pretty neat...

Comment Re:Multiple? (Score 1) 458

Eh. Why bother? Anybody who is able to hack your WPA2 password

How do you crack a WPA2 network? All the documentation I've come across relies on a dictionary attack. What do you do when the password is something like "lajfd92kdjicmwkd;cjlajflkdkdd..." and (is 3 charas in length, at most extreme)?

Comment But when does it start paying off? (Score 1) 352

Spend 30k now only to have to wait ten years to break even? By then, you'll probably be in another house, in another city. But, I do agree. Solar power should have been installed since day one. Next generations of city planners and engineers will have to (when the oil wells run dry) go "F, maybe this was a good idea after all."

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