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Comment Re:Yes! Please! (Score 1) 469

If I need to know who they are I just look them up in my book with all ID pictures. We have gone from 200 non students at school all the time to a few a day (legitimate visitors and once ever now and then some criminals that we pick instantly) since I now know who are students. We actually don't need them to wear the ID all the time.

Comment Re:Yes! Please! (Score 1) 469

I work at a high school with 1400 students and we have a school ID that I'm responsible for making.
I have made a book with all students with pictures and sorted by classes.

We have gone from 3 incidents per week of destruction of property to none in 6 month after me and a colleague started working as Student Host (not sure about the English name for it, but we work in the corridor all the time helping students) and introduced school ID (rarely used, mostly as random checks in school restaurant).

After a full school day I counted 20 trash items (mostly small candy paper) in the whole school. From maybe 2000 or so when we started.

A facial recognition would be VERY handy when to give the extra by "remember" all the students names and not only a hundred or so (my brain find names hard to remember as they are not unique).

Comment Re:TFS Fails, or not (Score 2) 93

Just my first thought too but...

TFS is actually correct, as it is taken directly from the article.
And, no it don't says it produces it IN the star, but that the star produces it. That is, if the star produces the compounds around it, it is still the star that makes is, just not inside it.

So for a long long time in /. history, the summery is actually very correct :)

Comment I have a dream (Score 1) 366

of a world free of stupid copyright and stupid patents.
of a world with considerably less greed.
of a world with people thinking of what is best for us and not what is best for me.
of a world like in a dream and not in a nightmare.

But as long as I don't migrate to a different planet I have to stop dreaming, because it is a total waste of time.

Comment Cool way to get diagnosed! (Score 1) 279

He got his Aspergers Syndrome diagnosed in a week.
I have been on the waiting list for getting my Aspergers Syndrome diagnosed for 2 years and I expect to have a few more to wait, since I'm not prioritized (single, no kids,not a teenager and not caught doing a crime).

Looks like it's time to travel to UK and commit a crime (that I can hope to get away with too if I'm lucky).

Personally I don't see how having AS could make him not understand what he did was illegal, but it's his lawyers job to find anything that can help him in court. And the judge/jury job to see if it matters, and that haven't been done so far.

Comment Re:I have a MUCH easier solution. (Score 1) 358

and have their entire college fund taken care of from day one.

It will cost the parents exactly $0 to get this operation done here in Sweden, and collage is free too, you even get a small monthly payout while you study (most need to take a student loan to get thou tho).

I know, horrible, right?
From what you have written I guess you are from the "land of the free", so I'm waiting for your troops to liberate me from this evil.

Comment Re:I have a MUCH easier solution. (Score 1) 358

In Sweden you can't adopt a Swedish child, you can only become a foster parent, stupid as it is.

So the only option is to adopt from another country like china, eastern Europe or Africa.
That mean the child wont look like you (most Swedish are still blond and blue eyed, adoptable kids are not). For many people that don't matter, but I guess for most it does.

Comment Re:Farcebook (Score 1) 264

For me it is way better to "actively discourage 1/3 of our population from being involved in the discussion" than close to 100%.

My government (Swedish) don't give a rats ass about what I think or the rest of the population. It is actively making almost every citizen a criminal with new laws that only serve US corporations, it is actively helping US spy on it's citizen (breaking many laws in the process), it is taking away our rights, our courts are breaking constitutional laws without any reprimands. Our Secretary of State was involved (board member if my memory serve me right) in a company that have done mass murders in Africa in the hunt for oil.

An I know most western governments are going down this road to hell.

And how would they communicate instead? Via a custom build forum that none uses? To get feedback from 2/3 of the population is probably the most ANY government in history have done.

Iceland and Norway are the only two (as far as I know) countries in the west that are not going strait to being a police state. And yes, I have thought of migrating as I don't at all like the express road to hell we are on. In 50 years we will have history classes in school where the students will ask why no one cared or did anything (like what happened in Germany around WW2).

Yeah, I hate Facebook as much (or more) than anybody else, but if the devils tool can be used to stop the trip to hell, I'm all for it.

Comment Thanks! Best news ever! (Score 1) 184

Now I can finally kill all my future plans on buying any CoD game.
I have been kicked in the nuts over and over and over. But finally they give me the carrot I need to stop giving them my money.

Sure if I get an evolving world to play in (like MMORPG's) I could pay. But to just play normal games with campers/cheaters/teamkillers in random non dedicated servers I could just continue to play old CoD's.

Give me kind of an free dedicated server in the mix. Then $8 might not be bad... And then Hell froze...

Comment Re:If it's down to coal or nuclear... (Score 1) 822

There are more then 400 nuclear plants in world.

And with modern plants few or any has been sick or killed by living close to a nuclear plant. Workers are another story but I bet just mining coal has cost 100x more lives/sickness than all nuclear plants anyway.

And the Chernobyl reactor is nowhere close to the German reactors today. We have actually learned from that accident (how strange it might be...).
So with modern reactors we have close to zero sick/killed due to having a nuclear plant in the backyard. So if we divide "close to zero" with millions of people with reactors in their backyard, we get way closer to 0.0001% that X% even in a life time.

Sure, we must still demand better safety. It can always improve, and if it don't improve it might decline (due to lack of accidents). So we can actually thank Japan for helping us improve our safety (by reminding us it is dangerous if done wrong).

And even in Fukushima it isn't in the X% range WITH a huge accident.

Don't get me wrong. We MUST close down all fission plants. But WHEN we have a better alternative and not worse.

Comment Re:If it's down to coal or nuclear... (Score 1) 822

I wish that was true. But sadly it isn't. Or rather, yes there are better alternatives but:

And I know Vattenfall (Swedish power company) have plans on expanding with more coal plants in Germany. I can't seem to find that article, where they had to move a complete town to get to the coal under it.

So at the moment Germany are expanding their coal plants, and what do you think will happen if they shut down all nuclear plants? Less or even more coal plants?
It isn't THAT hard to figure out...

And take it from one that have suffered (I'm living in the north of Sweden) from both nuclear (Chernobyl accident) contaminating of our animals, mushrooms and berries from the forest and dead forest from acid rains (from coal plants in Germany, Poland and more, as we don't have it our selfs) I know how it feels to be the one suffering for others need of electricity.

But, the effect from the Chernobyl accident are soon gone but the coal plants (with all negative sides) will continue to be a problem for hundreds or thousands of years (mostly the CO2 but even other stuff).

Comment If it's down to coal or nuclear... (Score 5, Insightful) 822

If I had to choose between burning coal and fission reactors, I'd keep the nuclear.

Yeah, I know people are scared because of what have happened in Japan, but I STILL rather have 100 nuclear plant in my backyard with a 0.0001% chance of killing or making me sick than one coal plant that are 100% sure to be bad (1) for my health.

1. The combustion of coal contributes the most to acid rain and air pollution, and has been connected with global warming.

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