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Comment Re:Poor Nazis (Score 1) 978

I'd cancel their accounts and wouldn't refund a fucking dime, because they'd have violated the terms of service, and the agreement they agreed to would allow me to cancel their account at any time for that and keep all their money. Hell, I'd have a clause in there which allowed me to sue them for 10x their fees to recover the losses from losing other paying customers when they were being assholes on my site.

Comment Re:Time to sell my Apple stock... (Score 1) 361

Sure, and that's probably an argument to keep my stock, but not one to buy a new MBP to replace my ancient (mid 2010) MBP-17". Instead I'll probably go with the Dell with the mobile Xeon, 32GB ECC RAM, etc. Of course I still want MacOS, so that's the main requirement: whatever hardware I get has to be able to run as a hackintosh.

Comment Time to sell my Apple stock... (Score 4, Interesting) 361

Waited years for an update and this is it? Seriously? A touch bar? That's what they added? It took years to add something that other manufacturers added and abandoned?

What I'm most pissed about is that they are offering a "pro" system with a max of 16GB of RAM.

I'll be looking elsewhere and seeing what better, truly "pro" laptops can be hacked to run MacOS.

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