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Comment Re:Apple is copying...Lenovo? (Score 1) 238

If it's like my older one, very little time/energy. Unscrew about 8 screws, pop some clips and replace (RAM/disk) away.

I've got 8GB/1TB-SSD in my 2010 17" MBP, but it won't do Airplay due to the no H264 encoding in the GPU, and 8GB is the max it'll go on RAM.

I'm hoping the new MBP will do 32GB and the Xeons you can get in a Dell look interesting...

Comment Re:If someone else has your password (Score 1) 69

That's not at all what a yubikey is.
Yubikeys generate OTPs, not static passwords (well, you can configure a static password, but it seems idiotic to pay >$10 for that).
Here's the output from mine for 5 key presses (with spaces added to get around the filter). See if you can predict the 6th:
ccccccdcbdtu fltbbccvutvidrkttrtuhdlcdftlihvu
ccccccdcbdtu biulnjerdjgvduevjnbdvjettfunbigk
ccccccdcbdtu cegcfgebcdflthefgnddfvrttvjrceel
ccccccdcbdtu dhhvviiinktjjculbegjutncnftrhbtr
ccccccdcbdtu ubjvvrkefcvechhhnniikthjtrubjgit

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