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Submission + - The Emergence of Fundamental Physical Concepts (

Keys1337 writes: In a manner somewhat reminiscent of Feynman’s method of describing QED by summing vectors, I describe how mass, velocity, the ticking of clocks and gravitation can be described using geometry and summing discrete vectors and vector magnitudes. The resulting model agrees completely with Einstein’s special relativity and provides an attractive Machian alternative to general relativity which agrees with tests of general relativity.

Submission + - Fox News Doctors CPAC Video Footage ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Fox News is caught splicing audio from the 2010 CPAC convention's straw poll over 2011's straw poll to paint a negative picture for the winner Rep Ron Paul R(Tx).

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 1352

Or they keep working the same amount because their employer doesn't allow them to go from 40 hours to 39.6 hours, which is the scale of the effect you're talking about.

So only 1% of your earnings go to the gov't? Most of us aren't so lucky. Large gov't is funded by the time and efforts of tax payers. If you didn't have to pay taxes I guarantee your life would be different and you would have a lot more freedom with your time and earnings.

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