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Comment Re: Can't have customers removing spy^H^Hecurity p (Score 1) 275

The most annoying thing to me is that it *doesn't* sit at 100% for hours. I have a 6-core CPU, and it sits at 16% for hours because the update process, whatever it is doing, is doing it as a single thread. Obviously it can't take advantage of multiple cores.

Comment Font size on mobile (Score 1) 1839

I use an iPhone 6, and the fixed and small size of the font is annoying. Viewing in landscape mode is no different, and just makes the lines longer. Compare this to IFLScience, where rotating to landscape leaves the line length the same but the text gets bigger. I can't even pinch to zoom on Slashdot!

Comment Welcome to the real world (Score 5, Insightful) 338

Hand-eye co-ordination is best learned in the real world. Take him outside and play with real objects (I've heard it's called "catch") in a natural (non-human constructed) setting.

As for the other two things, typing skills and UI concepts, they can be trivially learned by him 10 years from now just as easily. He'll pick them up on his own before that, anyway.

Comment Drive (Score 4, Insightful) 468

Generally, three things motivate people:

  1. Autonomy - can they at least sometimes discover something on their own that needs doing/fixing and go ahead and do it without okaying it with management?
  2. Mastery - can they devote enough time to new things (e.g. technology) to feel that they are learning something *and* spending enough time on it to lead to mastery?
  3. Purpose - do they have a sense of belonging to something larger than themselves (as opposed to in name only: "there are six people in this group, therefore they are a team!")

These things drive most people and are completely lacking in my workplace. Search YouTube for "RSA Animate drive" for a better description than I gave.

Comment Re:Atari 800XL (Score 1) 543

Woot! Star Raiders rocks! I got introduced to it back in 1982ish (high school) and eventually bought a used Atari 800 *many* years later for $50. I use it a bit, then after being stored for some time I plugged it in and it wouldn't power up. :-( At some point I'll see if I can locate the problem. I have schematics and an old oscilloscope which I might be able to figure out.

All to play Star Raiders again, if I can figure out how to interface it to my LCD TV or projector.

Comment Re:Right (Score 1) 376

Is that 1 Gb/s symmetric? Can you get close to that when transferring large amounts of data to someone next door or on the same block? That would be worth paying for. Here in Canada, I get 15 MB/s down, 1 MB/s up for C$45/mo. To get around the asymmetry, my neighbour (with whom I have line-of-sight) and I are setting up a 802.11g wireless link. Sad, but at least it's been fun. :)


More "Miles Per Acre" From Bioelectricity Than Ethanol 223

CarnegieScience writes "Scientist calculate that, compared to ethanol used for internal combustion engines, bioelectricity used for battery-powered vehicles would deliver an average of 80% more miles of transportation per acre of crops, while also providing double the greenhouse gas offsets to mitigate climate change."

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