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Comment Re:Self-inflicted (Score 3, Insightful) 76

Yes, and those idiot's votes count the same as yours and mind. It is amazing how many people "me too" jump on some bullshit I've already proven to be false a few times before. Hoax is the poisoning of the mind for people too stupid to do their own thinking and prefer their news in a 600x600 image square. Whoever controls these drones, controls the vote, because they are half the population.

Or to paraphrase George Carlin, think about how stupid the average person is, then remember that half the population is dumber than they are.

Comment Re:Check the details (Score 1) 446

He basically says "It's hard to predict, and we expect more of these storms." That does nothing to contradict or clarify his assertion that "THIS IS THE RESULT OF CLIMATE CHANGE."

Can you not understand the difference between those two statements and how statistics and probability are involved? Are you willfully ignoring logic? If I tell you not to sit on your ass all day eating cake because you'll get fat, and then you do and stay slim all your life due to a high metabolism, have you disproven that inactivity combined with a high-carbohydrate diet cause weight gain?

"Oh yes, it's a myth!" you'll shout. Good luck with that.

Well, since you're not even bothering to quote from my actual transcript.

Oh don't even start with that. I did copy that text from your transcript and cut out the duplicated text for clarity.

"What'll probably happen is people will move - they'll move away from these areas, and then what's gonna happen to all that copper wiring and all that copper plumbing? Somebody's gonna show up to salvage it, or is somebody going to show up to loot it?"

You, on the other hand, completely made up words that he never even used. Is this what passes for intellectual honesty these days?

"If you don't fix climate change right now, we'll have a descent into lawlessness with looters everywhere."

In depressed areas like those mentioned in the article I linked, people are resorting to looting copper and other metals from abandoned buildings, and this has lead to—you guessed it—all sorts of criminal activity. A descent into lawlessness? Your claim, not his.

Don't blame me for taking what he said as if he meant it.

Why must everything be paint-by-numbers? Oh right, because that's the only argument left against taking action on climate change. "We can't because . . . you wore a blue shirt today, sorry."

Comment Re:Check the details (Score 1) 446

Please point out the parts where he is carefully refining and adding caveats to his view?

"Individual storms are hard to predict. And so as the ocean gets bigger and the sea surface gets warmer, you would expect more of these storms." Expectation is at the heart of statistics. If you suspect a new process favors an event, you expect that event to happen more frequently.

Let's not forget that he also basically said, "If you don't fix climate change right now, we'll have a descent into lawlessness with looters everywhere," too.

No, he did not. He actually said, "What'll probably happen is people will move, and then what's gonna happen to all that copper? Somebody's gonna show up to salvage or loot it." He makes no mention of a descent into lawlessness. This is exactly what's happened in cities where the major industry has closed or moved away.

While I wish his opening line was less absolute, you are being rather disingenuous by putting words in his mouth and ignoring the full context.

Comment Re:Followed by: (Score 3, Insightful) 446

No, you just missed Martian's point entirely. Global warming is causing the sea temperature to increase which is causing the sea volume and level to increase. These are easily demonstrated with simple physics experiments. But that will only increase the size and frequency of storms probabilistically.

We may still get periods of smaller and less frequent storms even with extreme global warming just as we do today. The probability of those periods occurring, however, will decrease. The system is far too complex to point to individual events and say, "This was directly caused by X," because that event could have occurred without X, too.

Comment Re:Fix: Counter Suit (Score 1) 99

I have no doubt that you'd feel emotionally violated, upset, etc.

But as someone who shared an apartment with a woman who had been sexually abused by one person and then raped by another in whom she confided, I will never forget the sound of her screaming bloody murder in the next room upon waking from a nightmare of those experiences (luckily only a handful of times over several months). Do you frequently have nightmares where your ex-wife tortures and murders your family and friends in front of you?

Having experienced neither myself, I can only base my opinion on the effects each had on close friends. And I can say without any hesitation that I'd take cheating over rape every time.

Comment An alternative gig (Score 1) 367

You could always do food delivery. I was out of work for a while and my car is too old and has too few doors to work for Uber. However I signed up with Order Ahead (a competitor of Doordash) and did food delivery. It was enough to pay the bills and quite enjoyable. I brought my laptop with me and did some online courses during downtime, which I still got paid for since they pay an hourly rate plus per-mile delivery fees and tips.

I'd say it'll be a while before food delivery gets completely automated. Some sort of autonomous Segway device or drone might come to the restaurant to pick up the food? It's a longer way off than driverless taxis.

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