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Comment Cut 'n Paste (Score 1) 99

How I wish that I could Cut & Paste what I wanted to quickly and easily - just like in the old days. Cutting text in Word is - always - a nightmare and it's suggestions are - always - less than helpful. I agree let's go back to the functionality of the 2000/3 version. Thank Buddha I still have a couple of versions installed. Word 'functionality' is an oxy... If you've ever tried to get anything done with Tables or moving text round then it's taken you way longer than it used to.

Comment Re:It's not about ads, it's about tracker bots (Score 1) 351

Me Personally? I use Firefox with the uBlock Add-in, HTTPS everywhere and a hosts file. That's all... I used to use noscript too but, not sure why I don't anymore. Probably because my travels are narrow [I'm not in marketing] and also that I'm just not overly interested in clicking anything on the cesspool they call the internet.

Comment Re:It's not about ads, it's about tracker bots (Score 5, Informative) 351

How quickly things change - a comment from Ghostery's add-in page. No Longer Blocks Facebook, Twitter and Othe Trackers Rated 2 out of 5 stars by marty on September 19, 2015 permalink translate Warning - Once a well functioning ad-in, several weeks ago it stopped preventing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and other wide ranging trackers. All their icons and functionality are now visible on lots of sites, even Ghostery's site. I've reported this several times, yet there has been only one response with no status or progress. I would caution users about this now. This is happening on Windows & Android machines running Firefox.

Comment Haven't seen ads for years (Score 1) 519

What? you mean people still aren't using adblock + [or -] and/or uBlock and Firefox? Shocking! I haven't seen ads for years. Sure, the odd crass, idiotic Blogsite seduced plugin pop-up [because it's sooooo beyoooteeful] but by and large I am shocked that ads are still a problem. Still I guess it's like Land Lines, Cable TV and Alphabet - they just take a while to die after they roll over. Can't wait!

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