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Comment Re:How are they better? (Score 1) 164

but the license the community edition uses means it cannot legally be used by businesses.

I don't think thats true. The server Core is GPL. The Web UI is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.5 of which they say: "Open-Xchange interprets Noncommercial to mean all INTERNAL individual, not-for-profit and for-profit use. ".

The definition of "Noncommercial" is still being debated and defined within the Creative Commons community. It is a very difficult concept to define because there are so many scenarios to be considered. Open-Xchange interprets Noncommercial to mean all INTERNAL individual, not-for-profit and for-profit use. EXTERNAL individual, not-for-profit and for-profit use such a resale, rent and lease as well as inclusion of the digital content in an advertising model is considered COMMERCIAL use and prohibited under our interpretation of the license. We view the performance of professional services as a NONCOMMERCIAL INTERNAL use of the digital content and it is allowed.

Comment Re:Web.xml is the reason I hate Spring (Score 1) 103

At least they do when you have to deal with a real website with real, complex functionality.

Why do people always assume what they are doing is the 'real' thing. Just like all those MTV hip-hop videos with people talking about the 'real' world. If you want a modular webapplication with Spring use Spring Slices. If that's not modular enough you can click Slices onto an OSGi solution like Spring DM server. You can't get a cleaner separation between modules. And since your into the real world; Yes, I've made such an application in the 'real' world, a rather large one.

Comment Re:This guy already won the lottery (Score 3, Interesting) 186

This guy seems to have no moral standards whatsoever (Taken from his software website ):

With our revolutionary, patented technology, you can now edit the content of your e-mail after you send it. Even if the recipient has seen the mail already: one moment it reads one way; the next, it’s totally different. The content of any mail you send is entirely in your control, at all times. Even if the recipient has deleted his copy of the message, you are able to edit it. We call this remarkable technology dynamic mail content and it's about to change your life.

Comment Re:What could possibly go wrong ... (Score 5, Informative) 276

But Java's cross-platform compatibility has always been a myth. AWT apps were least-common-denominator pieces of shit most of the time. Swing apps weren't as bad, but never fit in with any desktop environment,

Besides Apple no one cares about consistency on the Desktop anymore. Have you looked at Microsoft apps lately ? Visual Studio looks different then the rest, Office looks different from the rest, Outlook looks different from the rest of Office, Media player looks different from the rest, Home Server UI looks different from the rest and I could go on and on.

and this only got worse as Sun kept cranking out a shitty new theme with each release of Java.

In the like 14 years of Swing existence there have only been 3 themes in the JRE: Metal, Ocean and Nimbus. And metal is selected by default. Java never sets one of the newer themes by itself. So basically the default theme hasn't changed.

Many Java apps made assumptions about file names and directory locations, and this prevented them from running on other OSes.

So there are people who make crappy programs in Java. How exactly is that different from other languages ?

early on we had to use JDBC drivers that depended on native code (it was a few years before pure Java JDBC drivers were available for some database systems).

A few years before pure JDBC drivers were available ? That was when, 2000 or something ? Since that problem is long solved I don't really see how thats relevant today.

Java has never really been a viable option on Mac OS X, and Mac OS before that.

Apple does the Java implementation by their selves, not Sun / Oracle and yes, it shows. If Sun had done the Mac OS X implementation for Java it would probably be better.

Comment Re:I have a dream (Score 1) 850

The truth is Flash is not a standard, it's a convention.

According to the Wikipedia a standard is (I assume we are talking about a technical standard, this is Slashdot after all...):

A technical standard is an established norm or requirement. It is usually a formal document that establishes uniform engineering or technical criteria, methods, processes and practices".

Which in the case of Flash (SWF) would be available here: . So I think we can safely say SWF is a standard.

but it's a closed system. Only one company, Adobe, decides how it works.

Open source != Democracy. In the end only Linus Torvalds decides what gets merged into 2.6. If you don't like Adobe's reference implementation for SWF, use something like Gnash.

Shouldn't the iPhone support Real video? What about ActiveX?

Seriously, what kind of a comparison is that ? Those formats are long dead.

The iPhone platform is closed, sure. But it's not delivering content to others, it happens to include a way to access web content.

If the appstore does not deliver content according to you, then what does it do ?

If it does a poor job of that the market will reject it

The people who bought an IPhone bought it because its shinny not because they thought it would endorse openness. People don't care about the ugly side if they can't see it. Or did you think all the pigs at the McDonald's farm get petted every day ?

Submission + - SPAM: Fanmade King's Quest killed

KermitTheFragger writes: Activison-Blizzard decided not to renew the non-commercial license of the "The Silver Lining" project (which was acquired by the project in the time of Sierra). The project was also required to immediately remove all game related content from their project site.
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Comment People SAY they are not influenced by reviews (Score 3, Interesting) 169

If you ask people if they are willing to pay more for quality 90% will answer yes. However when the moment supreme is there to purchase for example a new notebook 80% will go for the cheapest and don't care about long term stuff like quality. I think there is a good chance this survey works the same; People SAY they are not influenced by reviews because 'Hey, I'm an original, I don't let anybody influence me'.

Comment Re:Standard Missing Option Gripe (Score 2, Interesting) 708

Ah come on, I don't mean to flame but:

Bothering With the Major Networks - This one I don't agree with anyway. If it's well written, it doesn't matter whose studios it is made in or who distributes it.

Firefly anyone ? Im a Startrek fan all the way, I even got a cut away poster of the enterprise D in my bedroom. But TNG was pretty shallow compared to Firefly. Yet Firefly got canceld and TNG ran for 7 seasons. Why ? Because of politics, Firefly never got a fair chance. Since when was quality a guarantee for succes in this world ?


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