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Comment Re:Not consistent? (Score 1) 823

So your single anecdotal evidence, which is little more than a general observation that you've "seen a difference in the seasons", is supposed to be credible from an objective, scientific standpoint?

And the question isn't whether the climate is changing, it is always changing. The question is how much, how fast, and why.

Comment Re:Well, duh (Score 1) 717

The parent didn't make a point of saying "This is true because worldnetdaily says so". However, the responder claimed the source was not trustworthy ("worldnutdaily"), without addressing the core argument, so that is the true ad hominem. If someone criticizes your source, the correct course of action is to declare ad hominem and defend your source.

Comment Re:Economics in one Lesson (Score 4, Insightful) 147

Most people exchange what they produce for money, which is almost universally exchangeable for something else of value without carrying the risk of a non-cash type of asset. The parent's point is that in a free market people exchange their work for something of value which is owned and controlled by them. People care more about that which they own than that which they do not own.

And most Fortune 500 companies do just fine in good times and bad. If you are thinking of that the banks have been mis-managed lately, think again. The banks adapted high-risk, high-return strategies because there was an implicit guarantee that the Feds would bail them out. Guess what? The Feds bailed them out. The banks would likely not have engaged in such risky behavior without the meddling of the Federal government through institutions like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, and insipidly poor oversight by the SEC and Congress.

Comment First (Score 1) 632

First they came for the guns and I said nothing because oooooo guns are scary and loud. Now only the criminals have guns.

Then they came for the knives and I said nothing because who needs a knife really - can't you just gnaw on meat instead of cut it up neatly? It was good enough for our ancestors. Now only the criminals and licensed butchers have knives...

Who's next?

It's ironic that the left in England used to call Margaret Thatcher a fascist...who's the fascist now?


Submission + - Extragalactic meteor observed over Russia ( 3

KentuckyFC writes: "On 28 July 2006, Russian astronomers recorded the spectrum of a faint meteor as it burned up in the Earth's atmosphere (abstract on the physics arXiv). It soon became clear that this was no ordinary meteor. It hit the atmosphere at 300 kilometres per second, an order of magnitude faster than other meteors and faster than the Earth's velocity relative to anything else in the Milky Way. For this and other reasons, the astronomers conclude that the meteor must have come from beyond our galaxy."

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