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Comment More important: instant runoff voting (Score 1) 1081

The big problem with the electoral college is not that it gives power to small states. The big problem is that if there's no outright winner it gives all the power to the House of Representatives. This forces us to stay with a two-party system.

Instant runoff voting, with our without the EC, would allow people to list all the candidates they could stand, and none they couldn't. It also means a third party vote isn't wasted, as you can list a major candidate second. The big problem with instant runoff is that unlike bypassing the EC, instant runoff violates "one person one vote", so we'd need a constitutional amendment to get it.

Comment Batteries might be included (Score 1) 286

Airliners powered by onboard solar panels? No.

Solar-powered drones? Those seem very likely. They work like satellites for some applications, but they're cheaper, and are likely to remain so unless SpaceX makes some incredible breakthroughs.

Battery-powered airliners? Maybe. At the very least we might get battery-assisted airliners.

Comment Great if it's non-binding (Score 1) 490

I think this is a great idea as a non-binding way to let our representatives know how those of their constituents who care, and thus are most likely to vote in a real election, feel about various issues. Representatives should be able to voice their opinions about such issues too, in the same forum, and should be able to vote however they want regardless of the online polling results.

The only other thing that I would want in an ideal online representative democratic system would be a place to post ideas for bills that I think should be taken up. These could then be voted on by constituents too and maybe taken up by our representatives. As someone with no political connections, I otherwise have no idea where to start presenting such ideas.

Comment Re:Thanks, Scott! (Score 5, Interesting) 398

From what I can tell, most website operators are at the mercy of advertising agencies. Basically it's a case of let the advertising agency have their way with the site, or don't get any ad revenue. Or get another advertising agency, but there don't seem to be many of those that pay well.

Comment Get Wikipedia (Score 2) 218

This appears to be the Odia language Wikipedia. But I know you said there's limited Internet. So I suggest you get Kiwix with the entire Odia Wikipedia (.torrent link to a complete package for Windows), and burn it to CD-ROM. (Odia isn't a popular language, so it all fits easily.) You can also look at other language Wikipedias, both because they are more comprehensive, and because they could help the children learn those languages.

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