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Comment Re:We've seen this coming... (Score 5, Insightful) 155

And why does sports programming cost so much? Because they bid up the price to unrealistic levels because cable subscribers have no choice but to pay the sports fee. (* this is one of those "plus additional fees x, y and z" that is part of all cable promotional ads.)

ESPN's cost is one of the big reasons why I cut the cord. Don't watch sports, don't want to pay for sports. Don't want to subsidize the whole sports and sports media industrial complex.

Comment Re:Simple solution to the H1B problem exists. (Score 1) 834

That's not how most H1B visa owners work.
Truly the simplest solution is just to transfer the ownership of the visa from the employer to the employee. Because it's not the H1B worker who's the problem, it's the companies who own them.

If there aren't enough workers with skill Y, then sure let's get them over here, then you compete to employ them just like any other worker. Stop paying sub standard wages to your effectively indentured servants.

Comment innumeracy overload (Score 1) 92

67% of netflix subscribers still have cable!
74% of netflix subscribers aren't going to cancel cable!
15% of netflix subscribers are uncertain about canceling
11% of netflix subscribers are going to cancel ... or is that 74% of the 64% of subscribers who have cable?? ...carry the 1..
anyone understand reverse polish notation?

Comment Re:Crap? (Score 1) 410

Realize also that if a company keeps another dollar, then at least today, they tend to give most of that dollar to the company executives and the shareholders. No one else. (* I would add additionally that it seems many companies would rather just pay the executives and screw the shareholders *)

For Apple, both groups of people tend to reside in the US.

Comment Re:The room is dark ... for everyone (Score 5, Insightful) 367

Yes, stop letting them frame the debate as personal "privacy" versus national "security"

This is about personal SECURITY versus national security.

Every day people get hacked, corporations get hacked, the government gets hacked. We need more personal security not less.

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 2) 211

"he should have remembered his password"

Why? I've got 140 username / passwords in one password vault, and I've got more in another one. Over 7 different PINs or passwords that are work related.

There is a limit to the number of PINs and passwords that you can remember, especially when the restrictions prevent you from coming up with a password that you might possibly be able to remember. And that's before you have password expiration policies kick in.

BTW who's the moron who let's the policy expire passwords on Saturdays, when you need to change the password while you are sitting in front of a computer? It's always fun when mobile email access goes away during a crisis because of the no notice password expired event.

Comment Re:What's the big problem? (Score 1) 675

It's all just weird.
I went out of my way to get a chipped credit card early for use on a trip to the UK. I was able to use it as Chip & Pin at exactly one PoS terminal in the UK. Everywhere else wanted Chip & Signature which was a royal pain because I couldn't use a card at any Pay & Display parking areas. I had to always have a pocketful of coins in order to be able to park.

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