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Comment Re:They can't even make a decent phone (Score 1) 338

I think you've got the right idea but the wrong reasons. I can't remember the last time MS put out a device with a screen on it. Other than mice and keyboards, their biggest branded hardware peice is the X360, which has a reported 60% failure rate after 2 years. Hopefully they've learned quite a bit about hardware reliability if they don't want this to be percieved as a trend.

Comment Re:Apple, Microsoft be damned.. (Score 2, Insightful) 338

Half the meaningful web is in flash, ajax, and a bunch of other stuff that doesn't run smoothly on a 400mhz small-profile CPU, especially on XP. A version of 7 should be modular enough to scale with the processing power. PROPER touch-sceens, resistive or capacitive, especially in a high enough resolution to be called a tablet don't come as cheap as you'd like to think, and if the performance is crap it won't catch on. We're just coming to the point where we can stick enough juice into a screen big enough to call it a tablet. Give them SOME credit.

Comment Re:X-Wing vs Tie Fighter (Score 1) 1120

I would like to see a mission structure a-la TIE Fighter and to a lesser extent X-Wing, with full multiplayer coop, in a modern engine. The single player campaigns got me hooked on the games and is why X-wing Vs. Tie Fighter didn't do as well. I think a new deep space combat game could do really well.

Comment Re:Market rules work for countries, too (Score 3, Insightful) 1505

I hereby declare my small island a country with a 1.5% tax rate and 50 residents. Any corporation that owns a single grain of sand on my beach can say they are based here.

Never mind that they have all their offices, employees, and executives in the United States, and do all their business with the US and the US's main trade partners. They say they're from this small island with a 1.5% tax rate, and all of a sudden they don't have to pay the taxes that sustain the society they depend on for their workers and offices. Companies which utilize these shelters are leeching off of each and every one of you by basically living in a place and not paying for it. How do you expect a government with a relatively low tax rate compared to other industrialized countries, but 300 million people and tons and tons of land to look after and maintain, to compete against a tiny nation of several thousand that can survive purely on the pithy tax rates they charge their businesses?

Energy-Beaming Space Collector To Also Alter Weather? 274

Recently we covered California utility company PG&E's ambitious deal with upstart Solaren to beam energy to earth from a space-based solar collector. What we didn't know is Solaren's patent also covers the alteration of weather elements with that very same system. "By heating up the upper and middle levels of an infant hurricane, they say they could disrupt the flows of air that power the enormous storms. Air warmed by tropical waters flows up through a hurricane and is vented through the eye into the upper atmosphere. Theoretically, you could heat up the top of the storm and lower the pressure differential between layers, resulting in a weaker storm. "

Comment Re:CNN sucks anyway (Score 0) 254

I generally watch CNBC and Bloomberg for economic stuff (CNBC is generally conservative biased but they more or less acknowledge it), and the BBC/Al-Jazeera/NPR for anything else.

CNN, fox news, and MSNBC seem to be all aiming straight for the dumbest 5% in america, where there is very little detail, high on entertainment, and very little actual news or interesting bits. Listen to Lou Dobbs for more than 2 minutes and you'll feel dumber and less informed, and only have vague generalities about whats going on in the world (the world being, of course, the continental US).

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