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Submission + - Google Phasing Out Gears for HTML5 (blogspot.com)

Kelson writes: Have you noticed that there haven't been many updates to Gears in a while? That's because Google has decided to focus instead on similar capabilities in the emerging HTML5 standard: local storage, database, workers and location cover similar functionality, but natively in the web browser. Of course, since Gears and HTML APIs aren't exactly the same, it's not a simple drop-in replacement, so they'll continue supporting the current version of Gears in Firefox and Internet Explorer. I guess this means the long-anticipated Gears support for 64-bit Firefox on Linux and Opera are moot.

Submission + - Releasing the Chromium OS open source project (blogspot.com)

Kelson writes: Google has released the source to what will eventually become Chrome OS, and will begin developing it as an open source project like Chromium. The OS differs from the usual computing model by (1) making all apps web apps (2) sandboxing everything and (3) removing anything unnecessary, to focus on speed.

Submission + - Bringing the 80s Back: Super Powers 25th (onceuponageek.com)

Kelson writes: "In 1984, Kenner launched the Super Powers line of DC super-hero action figures. The toys were tied to the Super Friends cartoon, and each had an action: If you squeezed Superman's legs, he would throw a punch. If you squeezed the Flash's arms, he would run. Each figure also came with a 16-page minicomic starring the character and others from the toy line. Today, fourteen websites join together in celebrating this landmark toy line."

Submission + - How to Make a Golden-Age Flash Helmet (speedforce.org)

Kelson writes: "Most people these days know the Flash as that super-fast guy in a red suit. (Or else they confuse him with Flash Gordon.) But back in the 1940s, the Flash wore a costume based on classical depictions of the Roman god Mercury, complete with a winged helmet and boots. Winged helmets, of course, aren't exactly easy to track down, so here's how to make one if you ever feel the need for speed."
The Internet

Submission + - Browser-sniffing websites force Opera 10 to spoof (opera.com) 1

Kelson writes: "As the first major web browser to reach a double-digit version, Opera has been testing out alpha releases of version 10 for months now. One of the early problems they encountered was bad browser detection scripts that only looked at the first digit of a version number, concluding that Opera 10 was actually Opera 1, and therefore too old to handle modern web pages. After extensive testing, they've concluded that the best way to work around this is to pretend to be Version 9.80. It'll be some time before Firefox or Safari runs into this issue, but with Internet Explorer 8 in wide release, you have to wonder what Microsoft will do when they get to IE 10."

Submission + - Kindle DX: A Digital Comics Platform? (speedforce.org)

Kelson writes: "Amazon's new Kindle DX has a screen size comparable to a typical manga page, and the device itself is about the size of a typical trade paperback. It's black and white, but it could easily handle print-formatted comics without chopping them into individual panels or zooming and panning. Imagine 30 years of Spider-Man or Justice League of America in the space of the latest trade."

Submission + - Google Mows (with) Goats (blogspot.com)

Kelson writes: "Google's Mountain View headquarters has fields that need to be kept clear of fire hazards. This year instead of mowing them, they took a low-carbon approach: they hired a herd of goats to eat the grass for a week. "It costs us about the same as mowing, and goats are a lot cuter to watch than lawn mowers.""
The Internet

Submission + - Opera Web Browser Celebrates 15th Birthday (opera.com)

Kelson writes: "Fifteen years ago, two computer scientists sat at their desks in a research lab in what is today Telenor, Norway's telecommunications incumbent, itching to begin a new project. They were going to build their own Web browser. Those first keystrokes would become Opera, the browser that has set — and continues to set — the standard for browser innovation. Today, about 40 million people use Opera on their Windows, Mac and Linux computers."

Submission + - Comic Sans, Font of Ill Will (wsj.com)

Kelson writes: "the Wall Street Journal profiles Vincent Connare, designer of the web's most-hated font, Comic Sans. Not surprisingly, the font's origins go back to Microsoft Bob, where he saw a talking dog speaking in Times New Roman. Connare pulled out Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns for reference, and created the comic book-style font over the next week."
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - iPhones 50% of US smartphone traffic? Not Exactly (opera.com)

Kelson writes: "Much was made over AdMob's statistics showing that the iPhone makes up 50% of web traffic from US smartphones...but it turns out that these stats are skewed by a large ad presence in iPhone apps (which do not appear on any other phone) and on iPhone-specific websites. The result is not unlike polling for soft drink preferences in the Coca-Cola break room."

Submission + - DC Comics Brings Back 80s Icon (speedforce.org)

Kelson writes: "No, not the Flash — Based on pre-release buzz for the return of Barry Allen, who died in 1986's Crisis on Infinite Earths, DC Comics has decided to bring back Vibe, a character from the 1980s Justice League series who became the first Leaguer to die in battle with the team — way back in 1987. The "Rebirth" team of Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver return once more, picking up on Vibe: Rebirth as soon as they finish Flash: Rebirth. The first issue of the Flash miniseries hits stores today."

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