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Comment The great paper Tiger (Score 1) 351

The EU has developed from a great idea to an organisation that tries to regulate every aspect of its "citizens". One may ask why this is the case. After all, the whole point behind the EU is to create a free market, without border inspections or import regulations between its memberstates. Maybe it is because the politicans in the EU have nothing else to do, since they have virtually no power over all the interesting stuff, like military or foreign relations. Instead, they focus on regulating every product they can find and by this way, destroying the free market they once build up. On my personal view, i am sick of all these "Think of the children!" argumentations, which are mostly dull explanations for censorship. Wasn't the western world once so proud of the freedom its citizens had? To protect children from the harms which wait in the world, or at least prepare them, is the job of their parents, not the state. It is an insult to every hard-working mother or father, when the goverment (or in this case, a pseudo-goverment) tells them that they are simply to stupid to raise their kids right and there have to be laws to ensure their safety.

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