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Comment Re:How easy is it, really? (Score 1) 129

When you get down to it, the learning curve for CMSs like Joomla is close to that required to just sit down and code a site in your favorite scripting language. At least it feels that way.

I do not agree that non-geeks have a happy and easy time setting up, running, maintaining, and extending their sites with CMSs. They end up hiring coders or other geeky types to take care of it just as they would hire someone to write the site from scratch. If I am wrong, how far off the mark do experienced Joomla users think I am?

The Joomla or Drupal learning curve = the time to code site #1. All subsequent site builds have no learning curve, so a CMS can be vastly more productive than hand-coding. When you add in sticky features such as registration for access to freebies, user polls, etc. then you have a very significant value equation for your clients. Plus the end-user can add their own content as time goes on without having to get in my implementation queue, definitely a win-win situation.

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