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Comment That can't be true (Score 1) 99

That can't be true. If they found data that led them to a conspirator, they would want to arrest that person. They would need to have evidence to present in that person's trial that they participated in this terrorist event. I can't imagine that their plan is that if the defendant's attorney asks them how they got this data, they'll just say "some un-named third party pulled this data out of their own hardware and assured us their hardware had copied it from this mobile phone." I'm calling bullshit on that one.

Comment Re:very resillient for a labor organization. (Score 4, Insightful) 248

And now today, in this foul year of our lord 2016, the fact remains. Corporations no longer operate for the greater good of a people but for shareholder value.

I won't go directly to corporations that cooperated with the Nazis for examples of corporations perfectly willing to execute innocent people (pre-reconstruction) for profit, but let's just say there isn't any reason to think the good old days were any better than today. Corporations used to have more rope and could take longer to turn a profit from investments, but profits were always the goal.

Comment Germany does have a unique history (Score 2) 728

Think of Germany's situation after WWII. They had a bunch of war criminals and could prosecute and punish them. Those were the people running camps, the soldiers guarding camps, anyone who explicitly knew what was happening and helped it happen.
But every single person in the country knew the Nazis had been rounding up jews and killing anyone who helped hide them. Many had to realize that millions of jews had disappeared and there weren't anywhere near enough soldiers left in country to guard and take care of them. Many knew that some jews were being used as slave labor. So basically, an unknown but large percentage of the country didn't outright commit war crimes but did collaborate with the Nazis to some degree.

You can't prosecute 25% of your country. So they just said "We aren't going to pretend this didn't happen. it's illegal to deny it happened. But we aren't going to let it happen again either -- it's illegal to try and spread racial hate through speech." It was a compromise to prevent having to throw 20% of the country in jail. It's not crazy, it's just very foreign to American concepts.

Comment Re:Slow is why it's expensive. (Score 1) 194

You are implying that higher bandwidth means more supply of the product. Supply and Demand only applies if they're restricting how many customers they're willing/able to sell to based on the bandwidth. If they are only selling to the first 10 people on the plane because they only have 3 mbs bandwidth, and with 70 they'll be able to sell to 240 people, then you'd be right. But actually, they're willing to sell to anyone who wants access no matter what bandwidth they have. Supply and Demand doesn't apply here.

Comment Re:I wish I could buy GMO seeds (Score 1) 295

I'm saying we've been trying to make this problem worse for literally thousands of years. Our current crops are much more resistant to pests than their natural ancestors. We will continue to try to make them even more resistant by multiple methods. Now that we have a pretty respectable understanding of genetics, we even better at doing it by cross-breeding individuals to get traits than we were for the last 10 thousand years. Actually splicing genes together manually is just another step more efficient. The goals haven't changed.

Comment Re:I wish I could buy GMO seeds (Score 1) 295

Crops already are invasive species. The majority of them were originally native to the Middle East and we have modified them through manual selection to grow in other regions just as successfully. We count on them to outcompete native plants (if corn (which was actually from Central America I believe) can't outproduce native prairie grasses in Iowa and Nebraska then we won't have any corn).
The point at which it could become a bad thing has already past.

Comment Re:So what (Score 1) 184

Seriously though, try mentioning anything in every third conversation for a week (Did I mention my sunburn? I got a sunburn on Sunday. I went kayaking and got a sunburn. My sunburn was really bad. My sunburn is slightly better today. I thought by sunburn was better but it still hurts. My sunburn started peeling today). People will react pretty much the same way they would if you mentioned therapy in every third conversation for a week.

Comment Re:$200M for 224 homes? (Score 5, Insightful) 540

There is a decent chance the cost of the land is included, since he's providing it to this project as well. If you're putting together a press release proclaiming your good work (and I don't mean that as a criticism -- he definitely deserves the right to take credit for his work) you might as well make the numbers as complete as you can.

Comment Re:what? (Score 2) 227

But at least the reference manual was a reliable source. You may or may not internalize the information, but the information was probably correct. The "experts" you are relying on from the internet might not be anything more than someone who is passing on information that someone else posted on the internet, or just making things up themselves. When you take information from someone who is an authority and has actually applied that information and verified it for themselves, you're better off than just assuming you must know everything because you read something that some guy posted on the internet.

Comment Re:Delete stuff. (Score 3, Insightful) 279

I'm assuming he put that line about company time together because it rhymed nicely. But if you're using a work computer for personal stuff, even off-hours, expect your company to know about it. Most of the time that's probably fine. But if there is ever a need for your company to examine your laptop and they find cached images from objectionable late night searches, downloaded movies or music or anything of that nature, you might have to talk to HR to explain it. If those images are of children in compromising positions or something like that, your company will turn "your" laptop over to the police and fire you. Don't kid yourself that using company hardware outside of work hours means your company doesn't feel responsible for what you do.

Likewise, if you resign, it's not your IT department's job to make sure your former teammates don't find out about your "My Little Pony" fan club. If you want to keep that secret from your work, don't use work hardware to do it.

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