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Comment Re:Surprising (Score 5, Insightful) 552

Forget the Wall Street Journal. This needs to resonant with the Dicks and Janes that walk main street USA. The US is racking up record deficits and debts, a huge chunk of which is borrowed from foreigners. It's economy is still reliant on important strategic resources like oil. There is only so long it can go on doing this. At some point, the US must produce goods and services for the global marketplace that are competitive enough to generate the tax base to not only stem future deficits, but also pay down some of the accrued debt. When I put what this article has to say together with some of the more recent studies on US literacy and numeracy, the picture is pretty scary. There is some life to the US economy right now, but what happens when all the stimulus money dries up, and foreign investors realize that US T-Bills, savings bonds, and even US currency potentially isn't worth the paper it is written on? The financial turmoil of the last 12 months is going to look like a cakewalk then.

Comment Re:patents and insanity (Score 1) 285

Thanks cmarvin42! I think his closing remark,"Also note that glyphosate, especially when sold by Monsanto is fucking expensive." is evidence enough as to how simplistic this individual is. Perhaps if he and the other uninformed ilk on this board did a little homework too, they might find that Syngenta, BASF, and a number of other companies also either have or will soon have their counterparts to Monsanto's glyphosate resistant technology contrary to their claims of 'Monsanto's monopoly'.

Comment Re:patents and insanity (Score 1) 285

AC, whoever you might be, can you prove to me that you are directly involved with the investigation of these cases, have the expertise to properly do so, and have real evidence to substantiate your claim? I am an agrologist here in Canada. If I made such claims without such investigation and substantiating evidence I'd be guilty of both professional misconduct before my governing body, and libel. Chances are you are probably one of simpletons that parrot the propaganda that some organizations use to scare the simple-minded members of the public into donating dollars to their cause so they can protest at the next WTO, G20, or similar meeting. And if it isn't GMOs (or soon synbio) that agriculture uses to support its business model, you'll find other faults with agriculture, be it SSCM or VMS technology. The fact you would say to quote, "Monsanto's seeds are engineered to be infertile too" shows me what an idiot you are.

Comment Re:patents and insanity (Score 4, Insightful) 285

Most of the anti-GMO crowd is pretty simple in their thinking. They'll rave about organic crops that rely heavily on tillage techniques which promote oxidation of soil organic matter, breakdown of soil structure, and other adverse effects, but condemn GMOs like Round-Up Ready crops that enable zero-tillage systems that preserve soil organic matter, moisture, and structure.

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