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Comment Re:Google can tell me the definition of hypocrisy (Score 1) 350

"Without a court order, why does the government get to have my name, contact info, salary history, and God knows what else?"

You already have to give the government this data every year, its called 'paying your taxes'. You don't get to wait until the government gets a court order for you to disclose your W-2 do you?

Comment Re:thats (Score 5, Insightful) 206

Fact is neither Clinton nor Trump have ever declared personal bankruptcy.

Yes at least 4 businesses owned/run by Donald Trump have filed bankruptcy, and likely a few more.

But have you bothered to look up how many businesses Trump owns and/or runs? The answer is over 500. That's a whole lot of successes for relatively few failures. Even conservatively, 95% of his businesses were/are successful.

So your choice is really; Some loud mouth bozo with a 95% success rate in running businesses of all types, or a useless puppet with not a single success in her life.

Comment Hello firewall (Score 2) 407

What competent windows administrator hasn't already blocked the telemetry, live tile, and play store IP addresses at the corporate firewall already?

This is a dick move for sure by microsoft (not that apple didn't do this years ago), but seriously folks... Maybe for certain elements you use the domain policy to disable features and whatnot, but blocking access to other computers is EXACTLY why we have firewalls.

I'm not a very good windows admin, just a programmer for a small consulting company. And the very FIRST thing we did after installing a test Windows 10 box on a isolated test network is determine all the IP addresses to block, and which ones to not block to let update and search still work.

Comment Re:Another Step to Cashless Capitalist Paradise! (Score 1) 558

I'm a bit late to the party, so probably no one around to mod this down (or up)...

The top 0.1% doesn't actually want this to happen, but maybe it really should. Imagine for a moment that the 99.9% loose almost everything (dollar wise). At that moment, I get to keep my house. I get to trade whatever I want with whomever I want completely tax free. When I work, I get to work on my terms, what I grow in my garden I get to keep and trade as I see fit. I get to keep my car (gas will be hard to find for a while).

Why? Because its at that moment that all the cash held by the top 0.1% means absolutely zilch. Completely worthless because no one else will want it in trade for anything. Who is going to come cease my house/car/whatever? The police don't have any money, so they aren't working. The IRS employees don't have money, they aren't working. Nobody is working for money anymore, because money is worthless. They can't take my house, because there is no one to take it for them. Is Trump going to walk to my house and tell me to leave? Nope.

So when everyone "looses" everything, the they people that have everything actually have nothing.

Comment Walking to school... (Score 1) 320

I was walking to my Middle School in Lakeland, FL. We were close enough that we could see the trails of every launch, and generally the glow of the engines. I stopped on the nearest hill to watch, as I always did, but this time to be greeted with an extra large glow. I know almost exactly the spot I was standing, just up the hill from Scott Lake. Its a day I'll never soon forget, as every class was nothing but re-watching the same tragedy over and over.

The local news was filled with storied about Christa McAuliffe for days and days afterwords. She was supposed to be the first School Teacher ever in space.

It was also a day filled with jokes. While somewhat sick, it is a very common way for people to deal with the pain.

I still remember almost every joke, they are forever etched into my memories.

Comment Re:Missing something (Score 2) 148

Creative? Maybe. Revolutionary? No.

Look, his toy is very neat but it uses ideas and designs that have been used since at least the 1960's. He has a planetary gear inside a harmonic drive, which looks to be driving a second planetary gear inside a 2nd harmonic drive.

A typical planetary gear is good for 30:1, a harmonic anywhere from 200:1 to 300:1.

Taking the low numbers, 30*200*30*200 yields 36Million to 1.

So his 11 million to 1 ratio seems about right for putting together otherwise common parts.

Comment Re:This Just In! (Score 1) 111

Just to burn some Karma i'm going to offer an opposing argument.

My biggest objection to municipality run ISP's is the rural factor; There is no laws that says a municipality has to provide service to those just outside.

I'm on Verizon DSL where I live, 3/4 mile outside of town limits but in a non-dense area. In college town there are thousands of apartments in high density areas, and also served by Verizon.

Now say the town decides to run it's own fiber to all these apartments. Now Verizon loses all that customer base, but is still required to operate in the surrounding low density areas. What do you think is going to happen to MY bills?

Comment Slashdot Clone? (Score 4, Interesting) 197

Ok, I tried the beta. Yeah its not pretty, the comment section is pretty small width wise, it looks HORRIBLE on my iPad... The client side filtering of comments completely ignores my long time preferences, etc etc.

To the point; Many have asked about cloning Slashdot, and retaking the community site. But has anyone thought about how such a mission could be accomplished? Yes I know I can go grab slashcode and standup a 16 core xeon box to toss on my 100mbps connection. But what about the users, the stories, the comments. We can't just screen scrape those to stand up a new site.

In what possible way could we honestly standup a new slashdot that is community owned?


Submission + - How to fix Slashdot Beta? 17

Forbo writes: Since the migration to Slashdot Beta was announced, it seems all meaningful discussion has been completely disrupted with calls to boycott and protest. Rather than pull an Occupy, what can be done to focus and organize the action? What is the end goal: To revert entirely to the previous site, or to address the problems with the new site?

Submission + - Fuck beta 1

An anonymous reader writes: The beta is bad. It's so bad. The comments are reduced in screen width about 50%. Subject lines are deemphasized, scores are minimized, etc.

The discussions are the reason to come to Slashdot, and the beta trivializes them entirely. It looks like the comment section on a generic news site.

The comments now look like an afterthought, whereas they used to be the primary focus of the site.

Submission + - User Backlash at Slashdot Beta Site ( 3

hduff writes: Look at almost any current Slashdot story and see loyal, long-time members rail against the new site design, willing to burn precious karma points to post off-topic rants against the new design and it being forced on users by the Dice Overlords. Discussion has begun to create an alternate site.

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