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Comment Hurrah Econ (Score 0) 81

I love how optimizing The Market requires the setting aside of Moral and Legal issues. (In this case, Gold Farming.) I get that market efficiency is generally a good thing with lower prices, better pay, etc as a result. However, as a member of the "money isn't everything" school of thought, I'd love to see business in general remind themselves that they are human beings first and corporate serfs second. Yes, it may be hugely profitable, but if its not moral and legal you probably shouldn't be doing it, should you? (I'm emphasizing moral here, because I'm pretty confidant that major corporations have a vast amount of competent legal advice)

Comment Irony (Score 0) 1322

I find it interesting how many people (both on slashdot and off of it) feel like they are an expert on the teaching profession (i.e. curriculum) simply because they went to school for 17 years and did a decent job at it. This is like saying that as a user I can tell you why you should program in python because I've used a computer for 17 years.

Comment I'd do it. (Score 0) 1385

I think this is a good thing, because I'd rather take a train from Detroit to Chicago than fly it, due to the price and pain-in-the-ass that is flight security these days. I'm not sure how this is big government other than the price tag. We paid for the highways in America and people don't bitch out government for that these days. I see some of these being much more effective than others. The Chicago hub would be wonderful for the Midwest but some of the others(Pittsburgh - Harrisburg - Philly? Really?) seem destined to flop. In short if I can take a train that takes just as long as a flight, avoid airport security and not have to pay to check my luggage, I'm a happy camper.

Comment From the classroom: (Score 1) 252

As a teacher in lower grades of high school (mostly 10th graders), I find Twitter to be more of an annoyance than anything else. Wikipedia, however, has a lot of benefits when used correctly. When I have students do research, I send them to Wikipedia first to get a general feel for the topic. Say they're researching Miranda V. Arizona (I teach a projects-based law class,) Wikipedia will give a general, concise explanation of what that case is about, its issues and some of the areas surrounding the case. It also serves as a springboard to more scholarly sites and sources. If you look at law sources on the web, they can be pretty daunting for the average 10th grader, as many of them are designed for use by lawyers, law students or poli sci students. More so if the student has little to no background knowledge on the topic to begin with. Wikipedia provides enough background knowledge to fit in more important, scholarly details, and that aspect of learning is often overlooked by the /. crowd from what I've seen. Do keep in mind that while you are probably brilliant, you had to start somewhere. For many things, and for your average student, Wikipedia is a great portal to start with, although as stated by an earlier poster it should NOT be the only source. There is a reason that the people blasting Wikipedia tend to teach at the college level and AP or IB level classes. Mainly, the students in those classes should already have the ability and desire to access that generalized information.

Dealing With Fairness and Balance In Video Games 192

MarkN writes "Video games are subject to a number of balance issues from which traditional games have largely stayed free. It can be hard finding players of comparable skill-level to create even match-ups, diverse gameplay options can quickly become irrelevant if someone finds a broken feature that beats everything else, and some online games make your ability to play competitively a question of how much time and money you've invested in a game, rather than the skill you possess. In this article, I talk about some of the issues relating to fairness and balance in games, in terms of the factors and strategies under the player's control, the game's role in potentially handicapping players, and the role a community of gamers plays in setting standards for how games are to be played. What are your thoughts on managing a 'fair and balanced' gaming experience?"
Portables (Games)

Xbox 360 Laptop Creator Unveils Sleek New Design 46

A couple years ago we discussed Benjamin Heckendorn's modification which turned the Xbox 360 into a laptop. Now, he's completed a new, revamped design which includes a removable Xbox 360 hard drive, an internal Wi-fi module and a new button layout. It looks a lot nicer, too. He's also posted a description of how he did it.

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