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Comment Re:jessh (Score 1) 397

"The "Christmas Blizzard of 2010" [wikipedia.org] is imputed with 7 fatalities — or, in dollar terms [wikipedia.org], $63 million dollar, tops."
The families and friends of those fatalities would likely invite you to shove your entire Ayn Rand library up your arse.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Cisco CEO John Chambers and Detroit Rock City?

coondoggie writes: "Somebody at Cisco knows how to party. For their Networkers at Cisco Live! show this summer they have landed KISS. That's right, "The Greatest Rock 'N' Roll Show on Earth," will uh, sing to the Cisco faithful. On Cisco's site says: The founders of stadium rock with their sci-fi Kabuki costumes, explosive theatrics, and garish make-up, KISS will rock your senses at the Customer Appreciation Event on July 25. Indeed. One has to wonder if there will be a bootleg of the event. The band has been outspoken critics about the online music world. http://www.networkworld.com/community3/?q=node/146 08"

Submission + - The War on Journalism

Anonymous Coward writes: "New on the Bad Guys blog at USNews.com: A hundred dead journalists. Attacks on newspaper reporters, bloggers, and camera operators. Legal sanctions, criminal libel, intimidation, and censorship. Congratulations, world: Last year was "the most savage and brutal year in the history of the modern media," according to the just released annual report by the Vienna-based International Press Institute. http://www.usnews.com/usnews/news/badguys/070426/t he_war_on_journalism.htm"

Submission + - The Internet Sues the Spammers

An anonymous reader writes: Suing under the name Project Honey Pot, a Utah company has sued spammers in federal court based on six million SPAM messages addressed to email addresses harvested from honey pots. According to the article, they could claim up to $600 million in damages and "the effort of the tens of thousands of people helping find the data for the case makes the lawsuit impressive."

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