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Journal Journal: *barf* 1

Blech... someone got on my account and posted a troll with it, I caught them though so heh. Not much to say now, I'll have something to post tonight though. Byzors
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Journal Journal: Vain so lagicke.... *sigh*

Well, I spent the entire day again thinking about a very special person... barely got any work done. Whatever, it was worth it.

Camcorder came today, but I still don't have my IEEE 1394 cable that I bummed off of eBay. Damnit...

The camcorder seems pretty cool, it's a ZR70MC. A tad grainy indoors, but what the fuck, it was $500.00. I need to get a tripod and bigger memory card for it, though. I hope I didn't damage it by pointing it at my huge blacklight... =x_x= Meh, it seems to be fine. I'm always so anal-retentive about this shit.

I'm going to try and go to sleep, but I know I'll spend hours dreaming about her before I do... Ah... *heart flutter.*

Reluctantly off teh spoke.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: My head hurts... fuck.

Ugh, my head really, really hurts today. I don't know if it's too much birthday cake, 2nd hand smoke, or both.

Yesterday was my birthday, yay! I got:

Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life"
A t shirt

So, a few friends came over, we left and went into town for a few hours. We saw these two black kids peeping around a corner outside the movie rental place. My friend asked them "what are you waiting for?" and they just giggled and ran behind the building. Moments later, when we were in the building, we saw people running. We ran outside and found at that the two black kids hand jumped a white kid on a bicycle and beat him up. =o_O=

Other than that, I haven't done much. I saw some ch1x0rs at the local Sonic, got a few hugs (a rare occurrence) and went back home and watched Ninja Scroll. Mbleh... now I'm researching camcorders yet again. Off teh spoke.
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Journal Journal: First Frist Psot!

I got my first FP today!!!! Whooo!!!!

First Post!

Good for me. Eh... and I just got "married" to PK_Kitty! Mrrrowl... =^_^=
Portables (Apple)

Journal Journal: Now with more sodium! Sweet Jesus!

Well I guess the biggest news today is the new Apple Powerbooks. I knew I should have waited... I guess I will dedicate today to new Powerbooks by making my journal entry icon a Powerbook! =^_^=

I guess my IBM Thinkpad R40 will do for now, it's pretty cool. Anyway, I've narrowed my research down to three camcorders:

Panasonic PV-DV103
Canon ZR65MC

All three are pretty much in my price range, with the JVC being the cheapest ($370.00 US at Amazon), the Canon being the midrange ($400.00 US at Amazon), and the Panasonic being the most expensive. ($450.00 US at Amazon)

I still dunno what to do. The Panasonic doesn't have the greatest zoom, but I don't really see why I need that much (except for my constant pyrotechnic shananigans). The Panasonic seems to have the best night shot mode (for it has a LED help lamp), form factor, and it looks really cool.

I don't know about the ZR65MC. I've heard it had crap for low-light, which is something I was going to be filming alot. However, it is the most popular, and not that expensive...

Haven't really checked on the JVC, but so far it seems pretty good, decent night shot, and it's the least expensive. I hate to say it, but I think I may have to do MORE RESEARCH!

God I hate researching... anyways, I'll be going to a friends house again tonight, I guess we might just drive around and piss people off as usual. As of now, Kedsy is off teh spoke.
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Journal Journal: I am the Queen of France!

I did nothing today but read 70+ pages in Mutiny on the Bounty.

Bored as fuck now. I think I'll go have fun with PK_Kitty. =^_^=

I am off teh spoke as of now. Oh, and my new custom rank is "Insensitive Clod." Wonder if any ZUers are also /.ers.
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Journal Journal: What's this sticky white stuff on my keyboard? Oh, glue. =)


Aaaanyway, Friday I went over to my friends house... we were extremely bored until we found that his lame little digital camcorder could take little audioless 30 second clips. Well, things kinda happened, and we ended up making a 6 minute movie with the clips... =-_-=

The credis are half the movie. =^_o=

Anyway, we put some strange music to it, it's pretty cool, but I need to do better. I'm currently considering getting a DV cam, I think I found a pretty good one, but I'm not sure about it. It has crap for nightshot, which I was kinda planning on using. However, I can't really find a camera with IR nightshot that isn't like 800 fuckin' bucks. The one I'm looking at is around $420.00. Here are some, um, links for it.

Eh... I really don't know what to do yet... =~_o=

Got some new music at my friends house, too. CKY, Flogging Molly, Bob Marley, and some more Local H...

That's about it for now... I think I'll go research some MORE! =>_=

By the way, here are some pictures of my ugly mug I took at my friend's house:

Excuse the armpit hair... =O_o=

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Journal Journal: I live in a giant bucket.

Eh... today is bad. Very bad... parents are being restrictive a-holes and won't let me go anywhere, but I think I can convince my dad to let me go... if he ever comes in. He made me spend the whole morning working on his Citrix madness that he can't get to work on XP. Of course I have no idea how Citrix works... =X_x=

Anyway... off to do more shitty school and maybe download more Hellsing. ::hopes MPAA isn't looking::

Kedsy is off teh spoke as of now.

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